A Single Drop of Water ~ ஒற்றை நீர்த்துளி


A ripple is a set of reactions to a thing..
It might be a drop in a serene still pond..
It might be the leap of frog within the pond to the shore..

Let us assume this to be a single drop of water..

What is this drop of water?
What could all be this single drop of water?

It might be the source of life for an exquisite pearl..
Or it might be the last drop of tear from a parting soul..

It might be the excess condensation of a cool glass..
It might be the sweat formed of scorching sun..

It might be the life breath for a bee..
It might be the drowning drain for an ant..

It might be the life-giver..
It might be the life taker..

Nothing is good and as well nothing is bad..

It’s not about the drop of water.. It is all about the place where it drops..

மழையின் துளி ஒன்று மயிலிறகில் விழுந்தால்
தோகைமயிலாடும் காட்சிகளும் கண்டேன்..
மழையின் துளி ஒன்று பாறைகளில் விழுந்தால்
மௌனமே மிஞ்சும் காட்சிகளும் கண்டேன்..


  When a drop of rain falls on the feathers of the Peacock,
     I witnessed the beautiful dance of the peacock, 
When a drop of rain falls in the layers of rock,
     I witnessed the silence of the grave..

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.. If you could find the beauty around you, be proud that you have a beautiful heart..

[ I’m the most beautiful person as I could see the wonder of life and stillness in every atom I see.. 🙂 ]

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