The Chaos Theory

The Chaos effect says that, A butterfly flapping its wings, have its impact on the happening of the whirlwinds..

So do we actually know effect of every little deed we do today?

Or Do we know what is the cause of the happiness we enjoy today? Usually no..


But when we come to know, that the fruit we had enjoyed this day was once planted by us, imagine the happiness of it.. It is always a pleasure to know that, an unselfish simple deed pays you back, big time and too in a useful way for you..

So why not plant some happiness today in someone’s life?

Wondering how??

Just gift a smile to a new person everyday.. And let the love and happiness within you multiply over time and over persons..

Keep Smiling and gift a smile..

11 thoughts on “The Chaos Theory

    1. Yup.. The perfection is in the details and the best appreciation for an artist is someone else noticing those tiny details.. I’m happy that I got someone to look into those apart from me.. 🙂

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