Past, Present, Future..

I’ve completed a complete year with my blog..

So I could say this as my birthday in the virtual world..

I’ve started this as something different,
But it led me to much more..

One year sounds short,
When you count the happiness..
The same year sounds too long,
When you count the sadness..

Yet it’s over..

Time to turn a new leaf,
And continue reaching out for the sky..


As in the past,
Stepping forward into the unknown,
Hope it takes to better places than my imagination..

Wish I could inspire
at least few souls
into something worthwhile
in the coming days
By my deeds, words and the mere existence..

And if you are that one person,
Whom I’ve transformed into something more,
Do me a favour,
By passing on the same thing to someone else..

Keep smiling,
Whatever and however things go..

Go rock the world..

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