The Soul Mates

While the world was created, it was created with just two human souls. Over generations, the soul got transferred to the newly born people. So, in the today’s world, every soul you meet is either of the two.
♥ Fragment of your soul mate.
♥ Fragment of your own soul.

When a person meets the soul mate, they complement each other and thus complete each other’s blanks or shortcomings.
Whereas, when a person meets the fragment of their own soul, they too complement each other, by nourishing the likeness and sharpening the senses they own.

Undoubtedly, the Soul mates make the best couple of married bliss.
Still the power of finding the fragment of your own should never be underestimated. For they make the world a better place to live in, by becoming your best friend.

Finding the soul mate, to get married, may or may not be possible for every person, owing to so many trivial or substantial circumstances.
But, every person could recognize and hold the fragment of their own soul in day-to-day life. The earlier you get hold of this fragment; the soul gets nourished better and leaves you as a happy person forever. Since, they are your patronus, you always feel the warmth of comfort and get rid of the dementors for good.

The classic example for all this in the magical world of Harry Potter.

James and Lily Potter’s Patronuses – Stag and Doe – The perfect Soul mates in life and death.

James - Lily Potter

James – Lily Potter

Whereas the patronuses of James, Lupin and Sirius are also complementing each other – Stag, Wolf, and the Giant Black Dog. They stood by each other, not only to make the Marauder’s map, but also to give shoulder, literally, to their werewolf as animagi, to make the most of their time together, even in time of grave dangers.



The Universe of any single person is never complete with just the soul mate or just the fragment of the soul.. While Soul mates, puts down every piece of the puzzle into order, the fragments cement the pieces, to hold them in that picture perfect way!!

Grab those souls and enjoy the most wonderful magic called LIFE!! 🙂

– Aadhirai

PS: Those who are unaware of Patronuses and Dementors:
Basically, I’m sorry for you, not being aware of the amazing world of Magic.
Still, I’m happy to explain to you and grab you too into that wonderful world.
Dementors – Personification of one’s own fears and negativity in the magic world.
Patronus – Personification of one’s own happiness and positivity in the magic world. Also, this is the only way to get rid of Dementors.

50 thoughts on “The Soul Mates

  1. You have tried to say about soul mates and magic,,I am bit confused at the last part..from my studies (will be posted Part V)…I understand it’s really our own imagination of the soul mates.. at the early age of adulthood. By the time goes by, soul mate cease to exist and there is no soul concept. I anyway good writing you posted. I got some idea what people think bout/

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    1. 🙂 Yes, I also don’t believe in soul mate concept..It’s just a word coined by some guy on the earth..apart from that we shuld not much worry about soul mate as long as we get some one nice person in life 🙂 what u say?.in fb?

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    2. I do believe in soul mates.. When you actually find your soul mate, it is a beyond the world experience.. Hence the magic..

      I believe that, You might find your soul mate not only for being a spouse.. But you might also have a soul mate friends..

      And you never need to worry about finding them.. It will just happen in it’s own sweet time.. 🙂

      Yup in fb..

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    3. I have written this , soul mate is not a life partner, this i Believe !,,soul mate can be any relationship..if you all my four parts you might be knowing this.. I define soul mate in different’s not created for u or me.. it happens just like lightening.
      i will write all these in post tonight 😛

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    1. It is fine to profess a wish, but if I changed my style I may not accomplish My goal of putting forth what I feel. I was an English major, but I figure I can take “poetic justice” on anything I write. That is another definition of egotism!

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  2. The concept of soul mate is not something I adhere to, but I liked the post; and your comparison to Harry Potter & magic was really wonderful 🙂
    What so ever, I am still trying to dig deeper into the soul mate concept,
    and decipher something more,
    now that you have put my grey matter to thinking 😀

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    1. Don’t try too hard and then you might lose the craziness you possess to go through my future blogs.. 😛

      As for enlightenment, it will take its own sweet time and will come to you in your favourite packing at the right time.. 🙂

      That’s what I was told, when I was naked with this concept.. 😉 Hope it helps you too.. 🙂

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    2. Oh so in that case; I must be certified crazy to read your upcoming posts 😀
      And about the soul mate; yes I am waiting for the sweet time 🙂
      I am just confused if I have to be searching or if someone will find me 😛

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    3. You are absolute crazy even to stumble upon this musings of mine.. To top it, you are following me and commenting upon my posts.. Something is really super dooper crazy with you.. LOL.. 😉

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    4. Oh now I feel more enlightened 😀
      And now let’s define crazy,
      I think, it’s just overthinking 🙂 Sometimes you permute with your brain, and you bring out your own conclusions 🙂 so people term you crazy..
      Now look at this from the point of an artist; it’s sometimes aptly called thinking out of the box 🙂
      Now that does not sound crazy !! 😀

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    5. I go with the policy of why bother defining something when it sounds good?? 😉

      That’s what I define as Crazy.. 😉

      But your explanation is so apt and logical that my not-so-crazy part of brain accepts and applauds.. 🙂

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    6. ***bows and applause accepted** 🙂
      But there is always a point of social commitment, and being crazy is way out in being a social “animal” ..!!
      P.S : Craziness as again aptly defined by you..

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    7. Everyone is crazy.. If not crazy, then not human.. Must be God or Devil himself..

      As for Society, few are better in concealing their mask than others.. No one knows the divinity or beast inside..

      Again my goal is to “Stop being so self conscious and be downright crazy as long as I am comfortable to live with its consequences.. ;)”

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    8. Yes a few are concealed
      and they smile with no
      twinkle in their eyes..!!

      And I liked your motto to be crazy
      whatsoever the consequences maybe,
      coz again this is our life.
      We live it our way,
      we pave our paths
      and cheers to that mindset 🙂

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    9. You look deep into the soul to note down the absence of twinkle.. Way to go..

      Just saying, that not all concealment are for deceiving.. Kings concealed to get to know the citizens better.. But of course, they never lost their twinkle in the eyes.. 🙂

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    10. Yes concealment are not to deceive always 🙂 true smiles still are alive and I really cherish those little moments ..
      I really mean it 🙂

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    11. Collision .. hmm that seems an act of emotions profound 🙂
      And to dream big is simple..
      But the realistic wave should be allowed to caress dreams, because optimist is beautiful; but you need the practical side too 🙂

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    12. My feet I dig into the soils
      Deep and intact
      And I aim for the skies 🙂

      The higher I reach,
      the greater would be
      the grip onto the earth
      Humility is Godly
      I say.. !!

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    13. Wow.. That’s wonderful..

      Hope you are aware of the story of Vamana..

      I too believe that only way to grow is to have your feet in soil.. Or else you would just be drifting and not growing..

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    14. Yes we need to be on earth
      because your death bed is here 🙂
      wherever you fly to !!

      And I being a Hindu am very bad in mythologies, Puranas, and other epics . But would be reading soon 🙂 coz I really regret to not have read anything till now ..


    15. Don’t regret for not learning in the past, as long as you are willing to learn in the future, no regrets..

      Vamana is the 3 feet Avatar of Vishnu who measured the earth, heaven and hell with his feet..

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    16. To which part does that well versed go?? Vamana I hope.. And it’s just another part of what I am supposed to have grown up with.. I am still doubtful on the ‘grown up’ part though.. 😉

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    17. Yes we’ll versed in epics and mythologies 🙂
      And you are lucky to be amidst all that 🙂
      And grown up is an insult I feel sometimes ..
      Being children seem more respectable these days 🙂

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    18. That’s true and this conversation is seemingly endless.. You made my Comment section bigger than my original post and I am right now playing around with the idea of adding a page, just for conversations.. what say??

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    19. Hmm that’s a good idea 🙂 but each comment will always be ignited by the post you write 🙂
      So maybe switching to another page is difficult sometimes 🙂
      Just said my view 🙂
      You have twitter or fb !?
      I have integrated twitter into my blog 🙂 have to make an fb page 🙂

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    20. I am on FB but not on Twitter..

      You see, we have parted far from the topic of Soul mates and soul searching to craziness and what not.. These conversations could be continued in that page..

      For General picking of brain.. 😉

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    21. Ya that’s a good way 🙂
      Can’t say no to it 🙂 you can try it !!! Credit goes to me 😀
      But I prefer my comments below my posts 🙂
      & I have a stupid habit of reading the comments again 😀

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  3. I believe in soul mates concept. As you commented in my post the other day, the Brida concept is what tugged me the most. 🙂
    As for Harry Potter, Lupin & Tonks, Bill & Fleur etc could also be counted in. The list is endless 🙂

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