who said? AND WHY

These are some random things we hear around day in and day out..

Take a moment to look into what all we keep saying.. 😉


Who said that dirt is dirt and should be cleaned? If we cleaned the dirt from around our corn, we could not enjoy corndogs, right? If money is the root of all evil, why do the good guys try to collect all of it they can in order to destroy evil? Does a man really need to keep a roof over his head?Something more portable could be an advantage.Is “Its a dogs life” an insult? I suppose that depends on the dog. If during the course of the day I “run out of gas” should I stop and pickup my Pickup? How far could a seasoned fisher man cast a one quarter ounce lure on the surface of the moon? When I weighed 150 lbs, weight I could readily lift( such along time ago) I stepped into a basket and could not load myself into the back of my truck…

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