Eyes – Keyhole to prism of perspectives


Mind’s keyhole

An old fable goes on to say how four blind people fought over an elephant’s description..
The first felt its legs and said it to be a pillar..
The second felt its ears and said it to be a fan..
The third felt around the body and said it to be a rock..
The fourth felt its trunk and said it to be a snake..

Are they wrong in their description? Everyone’s answer was right..

Every description stands true to that view of the person.. But does it describe the elephant.? Pity, no..

What went wrong?Only thing they missed out was to see he entire picture..

Why so?
They weren’t open to ideas of others and stood ground on that their version is the only version of the truth..

Does this argument sound familiar?
Of course, we find it on our day-to-day basis..
Sometimes from people around us..
And when we are true to yourself, sometimes from ourselves..

Are we ready to accept that?
It’s hard to accept that, despite leaving out our egos..
Yes, it’s hard to accept..

Even when ego is set aside?
Though most of the times, it’s ego, that hinders our vision, it’s not the only reason..

Huh, so what others it might be?
The impulsive fear of unknown..
The basic instinct of the stone age man kicks into us, to become defensive and to protect against the unknown..

Instincts never go wrong..
So does that prove our stand on not looking up to the full story..

Absolute NO..

So what next?
Capture the fear..

There are friendly tigers and ferocious dogs..

Hmm.. But HOW?
Trust, that we could tame a tiger..
Trust, that the fear of the unknown is the only hindrance to taking the next step..
Trust, that with persistence even mountains could be moved..
Trust, that we could learn and benefit, once we step out of our comfort zone..
Trust, that there are lessons to be learned in the vast universe..
And mainly,
Trust, that there is another perspective to every way we try..

What happens then?
The silly arguments in the kind of elephant’s description are cut off..

What comes out of it?
Better friendship,
Fewer arguments,
More inner peace,
Ultimately joy of tranquility..

Nothing comes free.. Cost?
Our ego,
Monotony of a single perspective..

Great.. But where to carry out this?
This doesn’t need a platform or set-up to get started.. Just the thought to try, and the heart to follow it is required..

Keep looking out for various perspectives and you would end up with a bunch of rainbows.. Do spread the colors beyond the horizons and make the life on earth a colorful experience..

The mere fact, that, you are with me on this post, till now, shows that, you are willing to view the world through another person’s eye.. 🙂

Now I would like to view this post through your eyes.. Please do comment your views.. 😉

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