Me, in fewer words..

Of all the beauties of life in nature, the transformation of a simple looking caterpillar to an amazing butterfly, holds a special place in my heart.. 🙂

I came in as a little caterpillar and am in the process of transformation..

I’m in a different stage for different things.. If you are going to judge me, wait till I become a butterfly in that area..

32 thoughts on “Me, in fewer words..

    1. That’s a perfect observation!! 🙂

      Yet.. I just updated my About page to my standard length page.. 🙂 For saving people from that lengthy monologue, this short one..

      Also, they say practice makes a man perfect.. So that’s a trial for the long run!! 😉

      Fine, how about my choice of few words? Is it anywhere making sense?

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    2. Now you must go through this new page of my About..

      Then you would discover that how my ego system works.. 😉

      I would really like to know, whether in offending in any way, with my ego.. Then I would surely put a check on it.. Till then I don’t mind having this healthy ego.. 😉


    3. Sorry, I forget that the People I correspond with sometimes do not understand some of the nuances of my tongue. I assure you that my lighthearted remark was only in fun.Your ego is wonderful and fresh!

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    1. I started on Jan 1, 2014..

      But I feel the post I am writing in between this conversation could be classified for another milestone..

      Btw thanks for giving me a nice punch line to my new post with your comment.. 😉

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    2. How about going back to barter system?

      Your photos are too nice..

      It’s just a way of agreement..
      I could add magic to your magical photos with my captions.. 😉

      Top secret That actually means, I’m nicely asking, whether can you lend me few photos for my posts.. 😛

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    3. In spite of my ego, my brain rules out utter stupidity, and it was the one suggesting the result.. Seems it is sane enough to keep me in check. 😉

      I’m yet to explore your blog.. I only had a chance to peek a glance at homepage..

      I’ll surely check that out.. 🙂

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    4. I was just checking your blog so that I know how hard I must be persisting..

      And now I’m really disappointed.. 😦

      You capture beautiful shots and they have a cute description.. I don’t know whether I could do better justice there.. 🙂 they are picture perfect.. 🙂

      So I’ll lower my expectation right now to share them as is and in future, yes I would give them a better frame with my words.. 😉


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