A Blessing in Disguise!?!

I’ve always been a fan of butterfly for so many reasons..
An incident happened to increase my fascination of them..

I went to a temple, few days back, and was coming around the shrine..
I came across a butterfly in that path on the floor..
I adored the beauty at a distance and moved on..

I came back in the same path after few minutes and was surprised to see that beauty was still on the floor..
I realised it was not flying at all and presumed it was not alive..

Still, it was so cute and I didn’t want it to be trampled by unnoticing passer-by people..
When I lifted it, it showed few weak movements, so I left it in a corner for it to recover itself and fly off, for lack of a better idea at that time..

After few more minutes of wandering, came across the butterfly again in the spot I left..
Now I was getting interested in it and let it sit on a leaf and carried around, with me while seeing to some chores..
It walked a bit and was totally feeble to fly..


My not-so-positive-and-selfish heart was expecting it to drop dead any minute..
So that I could have it for a longer time..

But, my heart filled with compassion as ever, was holding on to the butterfly on the leaf, to enjoy its beauty closer, as long as it chose to be around..

That sweet beauty, slowly climbed onto my finger and was clinging to my little finger, exactly like a new-born baby clings to the finger..
It was simply beyond words, to express, the feel of the real butterfly kiss and its sweet hold on my finger..
What amazed me, was the strength and firmness of its hold, since the tiny legs are just as thick as a hair, and my fingers are not that sensitive..

The first interesting part was, when it was time for me to leave..
I left it once again to fly off to a nearby tree, with a broken heart on departing the beauty..

It started to fly off, for a short distance and landed near the feet of a stranger, who was kind enough to lift it harshly and was about to throw it off.. That brought in a fury with such ferocity, and without any second thoughts I asked him not-so-kindly to give it back to me..

There continued the journey with the beauty..
It came back to my palm, slowly exploring my fingers, without even attempting to fly again..
We traveled for about an hour, and the only effort it made was to wander around my fingers..

My logical brain started to wonder, what is going to happen once I reach home..

The question was solved by the beauty in its astonishing way..
The very moment I stepped out of the car, the beauty came alive with some surprising energy. In a blur of colours, it flapped from my hand to a nearby plant, waited for a second to bid adieu, and took flight for good into the garden..

There went off the beautiful butterfly, leaving me spellbound, with a plenitude of thoughts, and few wonderful answers..

It’s the simple things in life that are the most extra-ordinary; only wise men are able to understand them. (15)
The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

That’s it for the facts of the incident, as happened and now comes the understanding of a not-so-wise-yet-trying-to-understand women..

The facts seem fair enough, to be not-your-everyday incident..
Yet, the thoughts and answers, from the amazing event, deserved to be recorded, in more than few snapshots, for eternity and to be shared..

The following are the few factors, which made that into a really special one for me..

The area around the temple is usually buzzing with a multitude of species, but a butterfly is a rarity in that area..
Yet, I found my most favorite species on the earth on my way..

During the visit, I was expected implicitly, to pray for certain things..
As ever, I asked for nothing in prayer, yet that silent unvoiced prayer was replied..

I presumed the butterfly to be dead since it might very well be a newborn, freshly out of its cocoon..
The first judgments I made of something was far away from what it is..

The butterfly could have been anywhere, to strengthen its wings for the takeoff, why stay with me, in this particular period of its transformation?

I heard your mind voice whispering coincidence..
For three times?
Apart from the time to lift it off from the ground, I never hindered its flight..
It was the butterfly clinging to my fingers or in the palm and not a forced stay..

A stay for almost two hours, without flying away, for a butterfly, doesn’t fall under my list of coincidence..

I have always thought of the saying, ‘If you love something, let it go, if it is destined for you, it will stick with you’, as something said as motivation for getting over the loss of something dear to heart.. But now, I’m inclined to agree and accept the saying, with whole heart..


Now for the greatest answers I discovered..

This butterfly has travelled a long way, was relocated to a new home forever, with that journey..
The fluttering of those feeble wings, throughout the journey, was not a sight to behold..
Though the take-off at the end, with the well-known energy of a butterfly, made the melancholy melt away and went out to be a majestic flight..

The hitherto home of the beauty was not the place for butterflies, for lack of sweet-smelling flowers..
However, the new abode holds a variety of flora and fauna, the natural habitat for such a beauty, where it is right at home..
Even more, the place is lovely, serene and peaceful
Where the butterfly adds spice to the garden while the garden enriches the butterfly with its needs and wants..

How aptly the status of the butterfly applies to me..
To the very core..

I’ve trodden troubled waters, for some time..
I am looking forward, to a change of scenery, that comes with a relocation to a new home..
Now I am assured, by the divinity that, my destination of this journey is going to be so worthy, that the troubles of the journey might be simply forgotten..
The destination would be the world, I would belong to and feel right at home..

A butterfly is always considered as a good omen.. The thought of omens, reminded me of the words of the King, in the fable of The Alchemist, (Paulo Coelho)..

(when) you are trying to realize your destiny. And you are at the point where you are about to give it all up…. I always appear in one form or another. Sometimes I appear in the form of a solution, or a good idea. At other times, at a crucial moment, I make it easier for things to happen. (24)

Maybe the disguise for me was the butterfly..
The message was effectively conveyed and has hit the mark..
And now, the rest of the not-so-motivating-or-comfortable journey would be less miserable, for the destination is assured as my destiny, to my satisfaction..

I am now ready, to spread out my beautiful wings, for the flight.. 🙂

  • Aadhira

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