A Note to my followers as on this date!!

Dear Friend,

If you are not into Personal ramblings about the blog, I am sorry to see you skip over this particular post of mine.. 😦

If you are a first-time visitor to my blog, Welcome to my Blog. Please ignore this post and please do explore my other posts and I would like to hear from you on those posts..

If you are still reading this, O my dear friend, Thanks for still being with me.. 🙂
Have you seen the new look of my page? I have changed the blog theme, added few pages (in the last few weeks), edited few of my very old posts with English Translation.. Do go around and explore them!!

I would like to know, whether you too love the new look as much as me, with its few cute features, such as the sliding bar to your left..

You could look at my most viewed posts and latest comments over there.. In case, you have missed clicking the pages about Who? Why? and Why Not? (Contact Page) about me, there’s a section at the bottom of this bar, just for you.. 😉

The theme was sold to me with the navigation to next / previous blog below the comments section.. 😉
Now you can read my post, (Like it / Share it), read the comments by others, Comment your views and then move to my next / previous post.. 🙂 😀

And if you are wondering about the insertion of that new image to my Header, that is my first creation in Photoshop.. Please please comment about the awesomness of that image and also about why it is not so awesome.. 😉

Hmm.. I seemed to have run out of reasons, to beat around the bush and have to tell you the main reason of this post, which is buried under so many layers and too many requests for comments.. If you are thinking I am begging for comments, no friend, I am pushing you to express your view on whatever I did and am doing in the blog.. Don’t you know Sharing is Caring? What else friends are for?? 😉

Huh, that too is said and done.. Hmm..

Fine, Here it is..

I have never been a regular post publisher and yet you have struck around with me and supported me.. So now I would like to disappear for a short while with a note of absence to you..

I am going to be under the rock for few weeks altogether starting April, on a special-under-cover-top-secret-job.. I would re-surface around Mid of May.. Hope I get a great post out of this experience, to share with you all.. 😉

I am already missing all your wonderful posts and interactions with you, as well as you are going to miss me.. 😦

I really hope and wish to come back, with some really better-than-past posts as my apology to you..

Till then,
Keep exploring my old posts,
Wait around,
Be awesome as usual,
Take care of yourself,
Gift a smile every day to a stranger,
And Keep straightening the world with the curve of your lips..


10 thoughts on “A Note to my followers as on this date!!

  1. Well, I love the new makeover! It’s clean and sleek… the first thing I noticed was the header, very nice. I thought it came with the new design, but you created it, very good!

    So you’re off on an adventure… well take care of yourself and your inbox will be filling up with my post as I read your new site. And remember a Hobbit never comes back from an adventure the same… only better! 🙂 JC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your words.. 🙂 I am really happy to have such honest and detailed comments on the new look and my work.. 🙂

      I will not return the same.. I hope to return with much more happiness, joy, creativity and lots more posts to fill in your inbox.. 😉

      Thanks for your wishes.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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