Is routine the rhythm?

With the summer holidays coming to a close and the opening of schools, comes back the routines..

The mornings are again filled with;
The urging last minute homework,
The search for a schedule given last week, to be brought to school today.. (In spite of being reminded two days back),
Commands to eat up fast and all in plate, followed by whining of ‘Tummy full, mommy’,
Packing of lunch packs zipper closing matching the horn of school bus,
A big phew when the bus is boarded at last..

The melancholy of afternoon, soothes the screams and shouts of morning and also recharges for the upcoming chaos of the evening..

The evenings are not filled with speed yet filled to capacity..

It starts off with a light snack,
Chats on what happened to whom and who told what,
Then it shifts to the list (a very looooong one indeed) of homework and assignments..
Whatever is taught at school, kids really learn to prioritise their homework..
Though, the priority is the level of scolding / punishment for non completion from the teacher..
Then comes the assignment of assignments to family members..
Wow, the kids do learn a lot… I’m not saying just about the curriculum…
They have become expert on which job to be assigned to whom..
Some are for mom alone and some for dad..
There the family starts bonding together with the whole load of assignments..
Which is punctured with a dinner and lots of small talks..

There went away the evening and night in a wink..
And the next wink lasts for few hours in the name of sleep..

Phew.. Back again to the start of a new day, yet the same routine..

Amidst all this chaos, lies the rhythm of life..
The tune being set by the kids of the home..
Though not a musical maestro, they give out joy and memories..

For what else is the joy of life, but for the tiny smiles and happy laughs amidst the chaos?

9 thoughts on “Is routine the rhythm?

  1. aaahan…. well the problem is the tune in most cases makes these kids nonchalant, unable to appreciate the smaller things life! hence in Tamil Nadu they grow up to become engineers :-7

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    1. They do indeed become engineers, by professional qualification… I do agree.. But, after the initial years of employment, they always tend towards their passion and do become what they want…

      Not the educational system, Not the society, Not the peers, Nor anyone can stop an individual from becoming what he wants to be, except himself.. 😉

      I do seem to have few fellow bloggers here, who are amazing in their skills, in spite of being that engineers by profession.. 😉

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    2. you are absolutely right! there is a saying that goes ” In India Children gw upto become engineers first, and then decide what they want to become”. one my fellow engineer has quit and become a reporter, the other has become a director, one has become a successful baker, and i myself wont last long as an engineer

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