The Kids Are Doing All Right

Just all right? I would word it as great and bit more.. 😉

Though I know none of them, I just get the vibe that the world is becoming better with the coming generation.. 🙂

Jiving my way

Four Stories

Story 1

A friend’s daughter (14) bags the second spot in the 2015 National Geography Bee Championship.

Story 2

A friend’s son (14) wins the 2015 Grade 4 ITF Clay Court Singles Tennis Championship in Sweden.

Story 3

A friend’s daughter (14) grabs the All Around 5th spot in the 2015 Australian National Gymnastics Championships.

Story 4

A local 12 year old boy (not a personal acquaintance) decides to help out homeless people in the Detroit neighborhoodnot out of whim, but simply based on what his heart told him to do. He now has made this as his mission in life (among other things such as playing for the Tigers, becoming the President of the country, etc.) – that he wants to eliminate homelessness completely.

I heard/read about all the above stories in 4 different & disjoint instances in the past couple of weeks.

Tonight, I sit…

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