It was raining in #Bangalore

A Young lover, at the sight of her lover, get lost for words, along with an initial hesitation from shyness and excitement, before reaching out to the other, in spite of travelling a very long way..

These clicks reminded me of that rush of feelings and the hesitation..

For the drops have crossed thousands of miles from the sky to meet earth, but there’s a pause at few hundred metres, before merging and melting into the earth..

How romantic the rain and raindrops are!! 🙂


It started raining. It is now time to capture some rain.

Rain rain come again.. Rain rain come again..

Rain rain come again.. Rain rain come again..

Rain rain come again.. Rain rain come again..

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19 thoughts on “It was raining in #Bangalore

    1. I do keep up my promises.. 😉

      The pictures are really inspiring indeed.. 🙂

      Btw I once heard that, one who is in search of certain things are more poetic, than the ones who had experienced it actually.. 😉 And I’m being more poetic.. 😉 🙂

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    2. Wow.. Now my fan level for you has gone up a notch… 😉

      SH and ACD ❤

      And now I’m ashamed to say I’m also a fan of SH.. 😦 for my failure in not deducting it earlier… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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