A silly rambleeeee…

Oh my god.. Not again..
I was happy to stroll across, to stalk, or in so many words, to nourish (or just dump) my brain, with many fascinating posts of my fans and also posts for whom I’m a fan..
All was good till I was into your post NJ…
I was admiring how good you did, till I saw a word…
Though, it’s in my most admiring words, I was not so happy to look at that word.. Oh.. Did you still not find out, what word it was.. It’s just Aadhira..
So why am I not so happy?
Worth of a word transforms with it’s company..
Company of such glorious work is good..
But not for what that word was put up at that post…
Though I did post my submission long back, still, I did it again for you….
Thanks NJ (should I say thanks really?) for putting my brain to work again (ok, you got that thanks..) and now I did finish within my 24 Hours.. 😉

Pheeeeew again….

Yup it’s the allergic to E challenge again..
Check out my previous entry here..

And since not all of my last nominations took up that challenge, I’m challenging them again.. And I’m using up this new slot of five more too.. 😉 (Btw, let’s not mention it that I dint inform them of my nomination.. :P) And I’m informing them this time… 😉

My dear friends who are going to be searching for some choice words within next 24 Hours.. Either for taking up the challenge or for blessing me not so kindly for nominating them 😛








Baby steps 22

Write n live

Hmm… The conditions are:

Just write something more than few sentences without the letter E..

Nominating others is your wish..

Accepting this is my wish, which I want you to grant.. 😉

And everyone else is most welcome to join the fun.. 😉

(Please refer to NJ’s post or my previous post for original rules…)

PS: It took me far lesser time to write without e, than to make it into a proper post… 😉

So I give you the pleasure of finishing the challenge in my comment section… 😉

ஆதிரை ~ Aadhirai

19 thoughts on “A silly rambleeeee…

    1. No… I’m not grinning… :/

      Since you have used up all the e you might usually need, now come back with your submission… 😉 😛

      C’mon, I’m very eager now.. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. First I thought I was lazy to do this again. I thought of just copying what I did long ago. But you did want ‘yours truly’ to go for it. So I am trying it again. My old post was about my craving for taking photographs of sun at various point in a day. Morning, dawn, dusk and so on. Now I am thinking of going out and capturing today’s sun rising up. I didnt plan it anyway. Now Its about grabbing my cam and going out looking for sun. I try to upload a pic if I can click a pic. That is all for now. Call it a paragraph and say that I did it. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do call it a paragraph and yup you did it again… 😀

      You sure do know your way with pics and words… 😉

      Thanks for granting my wish..

      “Your’s truly”,
      Aadhirai 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s just a general comment and you could throw in even few more eeeeeees.. As long as your submission doesn’t have it, I’m glad.. 😉

      Thanks for taking up that challenge and for your kind words.. 😉 😛

      I believe you could come up with an interesting entry.. 😉 Now I’m even more interested in your submission.. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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