Square peg in a round hole

It’s Monday again!! The Mundane Monday‘s are becoming bit more cheerful.. I’m here with another mundane shot..

But posting without any more words, doesn’t seem to be so appropriate for my blog..

Scroll through the post to read or skip it.. But don’t skip commenting on the click.. 😉


Square peg in a round hole
The quintessential term
For matching the unmatched..

But even a circle peg,
Can’t fit in a round hole..
As the identity holds them apart..

They could indeed co exist
And make a wonderful set..

Relish the uniqueness
Rather than trying to fit in..


PS: I’m inviting Koothan to this challenge of finding beauty in mundane things.. Just peep into the other link for further details of the challenge.. 😉

ஆதிரை ~ Aadhirai

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