Yet another post on APJ Abdul Kalam..

I was not fanatic about him, yet I admire him enough to be termed as a fan..

I’ve not been following him very often, yet I followed his words enough to dream..

I don’t know much about him, yet his demise made me stop and think, what I know about him..

I know this is just another very tiny glimpse of that enormous legend.. Still I couldn’t rest myself without letting this out..

There are people who are honored by their identity;
But, there are few people who honour the identity..

Here’s a list of few identities he had added charm and glory to it and few classic features what made him stand out of the crowd:

A tamizhan, who never failed to feel and express the pride of it even in the international arena..

A scientist, who owned his mistakes, even when chances are given to evade them..

A humanist, who made the light weight calipers for the physically challenged a reality..

A Muslim, who had Hindu best friends and who respected every religion as much as the one he was born as..

A poor kid, who grew up to prove that nothing stops you from achieving except your dreams..

An Indian, who made the world turn and look back at India with pride and honour to have such a person..

A scientist, who re confirmed India’s immense potential to achieve much more..

A leader, who led by example, and who never let the power of power to get in the way of him..

A man with humour, who made even the most serious talks interlaced with a lighter side to it..

A common man, who failed and yet moved on to achieve success..

A statesman, yet who never let the dirt of politics rest on him..

A player of veena, who found time for music in the tight schedule of his life..

A composer of music, who left his print even in that field..

A writer, who inspired the reader and let that stay over time, for the generations to come..

A teacher, who adored kids as much as kids adored him..

A multi faceted person, who let his mark on every stone he turned and uplifted..

A human, who left this world, doing what he loved..

In general, I don’t appreciate the thought of a person’s death as synonymous to lose of his talents and skills.. For, the moment they quit the field, their talents and skills come to a stand still..

But, it is a real loss, when someone dies mid way..

Even though, death found it’s excuse for claiming him, by claiming him in such a honorable way.. Yes, it is honorable, because, just imagine the alternative ways to his death..

To me he is blessed all through his life and even in his death.. For he died doing what he loved..

Let his soul rest in peace..
Let his dreams not go to piece..

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