Windows Imprisoned!

Here’s another week with a Monday and one little post to make it less mundane by giving new angle to routine things..


We look for Windows,
To look beyond
The temporary prison
Of four walls
Within the concrete jungle
Or the prison
Of Bits and bytes
Within few inches..

Here’s a look,
At the Windows
From the freedom
Of open space and
With no boundaries,
Captured and hanged
Within the prison
Of a Photograph!

23 thoughts on “Windows Imprisoned!

  1. I agree 4 walls makes it a prison and window offers the much needed temporary freedom. But a photograph isn’t a prison. It is also a freedom. An outlet for your creativity : means freedom. Also you have the freedom to forget things since you have captured those moments 😉

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    1. I CAPTURED and hence it became my PRISONER..

      Not all prison are for punishment.. 😉

      The imprisonment of love in heart is a blessing rather than punishment.. 😉

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    2. Yeah, even if you’re bound by gold chain, you are still bound by it.. 😉

      But how do you know that whether the window wanted to be captured in the first place.. 😛

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