Why I might not leave you, Yet!!

I once had the dilemma of blogging becoming extinct like some other things of the past, just like my friend Darshith, I find myself drawn back to blogging unlike anything before..

I couldn’t pin point it to one specific reason.. But here are few, that might be the reasons..

I could choose to depict me, as I want you to see me, rather than letting your judgement, shape the me..

There is a personal touch and also an impersonal attitude in every post and every comment..

I could pour out my deepest secrets and pass on it as just another event, or pass on my mundane event to be the top most secret revealed to you..

I could create, modify and delete in this blogosphere.. Oh yeah, I feel God-like with such power, which is never ever possible anywhere else.. 😉

I could initiate and become the leader, or just lay back and be a follower.. Most importantly, I could switch roles as often as I like and it’s absolutely right and would never be judged wrong..

I could inspire and be inspired.. I could receive awards and dish out awards..

Since these all are too unique, I couldn’t see blogging becoming extinct anytime soon for me.. 😉

Moreover, what would I do in life without the ego boost I receive, when the sweet beeps become musical tingles for every like, comment and one more follower.. 😉

And a special thanks to YOU!! The one who had made it till here.. Not just the end of the post, also through my journey in the blogosphere.. 🙂 😀

34 thoughts on “Why I might not leave you, Yet!!

  1. All the reasons you state are valid, though you may have neglected one sis. After reading the pieces and comments one gets a sense of who the folks you communicate with really are! Down deep I mean Nice post! 😀

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    1. Yea.. Sometimes I feel my blog friends know me better than few of the friends I meet often.. 🙂

      Thanks for being one of those special few to be through my posts for a very long time and who constantly boosts me positively with your kind words.. 🙂

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  2. You got inspired and in return inspired me as well 🙂 These kind of random, mundane thoughts keep on coming and now it feels so good that there are infact many with same thoughts and we can help one another tackle these 🙂 All your points are Bingo 😉 I am so happy to read this post 😀

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    1. I’m happy that you went back and read it.. So you dint miss it ultimately..

      You are flattering me and it’s just too easy to fall for your sweet words.. 😉

      Thank you.. 🙂 😀

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    2. I just meant in a good way.. As in, it is too good to hear such sincere words..

      And I do get your point.. Flattery is too good only for the ego.. 😉 😛 And I’m not feeding my ego with flattery.. So no harm done..

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    1. When I believe in something and know for sure it doesn’t hurt anyone (at least knowingly) I could express myself very well..


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