To my dear followers..

I got a new notification from WordPress, just few not so long hours back, saying that my stats got a new high..

Just while I was thinking on whether it deserves one more thanks again, came up some other stuff, which is just gonna get me occupied for the next few weeks..

I just got reminded of the quote, the star shines brightest in the wee hours before dawn, for the darkest of night is just before the dawn..

While life keeps me busy, I would miss you all dearly.. For I was just settling comfy here in blogosphere..

But I trust you guys to be understanding and not so forgetful when I come back.. 😉

Hope to meet you back soon..

Keep Smiling and be happy as much as you could!!


24 thoughts on “To my dear followers..

  1. Hey, we would be missing you a lot! Just when I was thinking and rethinking of the poem you last posted and getting ready to read more.
    Hope you can tie up all the loose ends of whatever is going to keep you busy. Have a happy time. We would be waiting!

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    1. Oh you people are just overwhelming me.. I just got 10 notifications.. Why do you people have to be so nice, kind and encouraging.. Now I too would be missing you people even more.. 😦

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    2. You just made me smile again by being unkind, mean and rude.. 😉

      And yup that’s the highest for me too.. 😉

      I was doubting should I even post this, when I posted.. Now I am sure, I would have been so ungrateful if I disappeared without telling you people.. -_-

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    1. Aye aye sir!! 😉

      Life is not fair always.. 😉

      And I am back to say a personal bye to you with the assurance I will be back for sure.. Just a tiny little break of few weeks.. 😉

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    2. Oh my gosh.. Ten Hutt!!! Navy officer?? Aye aye etc? Oh my gosh.. my little kid is supposed to be by XO (Executive Officer) and we always go by navy terminology.. 😀 First officer, take the con, and she says, Aye Aye Sir, Bridge, this is the XO, XO has con… (of course, in her lisping ways, it sounds really funny.. phast officel, exicundee officelll etc hahaha)

      But, hey, thank you, Aadhira.. thanks for the personal bye.. and stay in touch.. come back soon..

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