Bound by Shyness

I’ve written my letters for you
I had been ever shy to post them
I had waited for the time to be right
I had been waiting for you to ask..

And the time ticked away
And I kept re-reading my letters
At last I bound them to post,
And I got the invitation from you..

Of all the guesses I made
The only one that seems to be,
Most accurate and appropriate is,
It won’t make a good wedding gift!


The Binding

This picture is bound too! 😉

15 thoughts on “Bound by Shyness

    1. I meant, Don’t wait for an opportunity to open, but create what you want.. Coz if you are waiting, you might be waiting forever with no use at all.. 😉

      But won’t it be interesting to receive such a gift on marriage.. 😉 And I’m having a very vivid imagination on how the life of the newly weds might turn to be.. 😛 😛 😛
      Must be the concept for some prime time soap opera.. 😉 😛 😀

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    1. As life finds life, so does mystery resolve mystery.. So I guess you could give it a try.. 😉 Or just revel in the mystery just like the smile of Monalisa.. 😉


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