We are youngsters!

We are youngsters!
We never listen to the old generation..
We never bother about how the money we spent was earned..
We always talk-back and not take any advises..
We don’t take life seriously at all..
We do kill our time in Social Networks and every not-useful-for-a-penny tasks..
We do tune out from the troubles of our society..

But there’s more to us..
Hit us with a problem to us or our near and dear ones..
We would start reacting..
We will not listen to elder generation when we have to wait for initiating the required actions..
We never bother about the time and money spent for the cause we do believe in.. And not every time our causes are stupid..
We do talk back to whoever stands in our way to help those who are in real need of it..
We don’t take our lives seriously when it would mean we could save other lives..
We have been using the Social network to the maximum and we do know to use it effectively and efficiently..

There are leaders and there are followers..
And there’s the third kind of people..
We, who become our own leaders to lead the life out of disaster in the times of crisis..
We, the backbone of the volunteer groups helping out people in the fields..
We are the third kind of person..
We are youngsters!!

A tribute to every volunteer in every crisis!!

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