My One True love

My most joyous moment is
When your hands play with my hair..

My most romantic moment is
When you encompass me within you..

My most cared moment is
When you gently caress me..

My most desperate moment is
When you aren’t around me anywhere..

Even my skin
Shed tears
For you

Even my heart
Beats incessantly
For you

The one who stood by me
Irrespective of ups and downs..

The one who always
Dried away my tears..

The one who made me feel alive
Even if I doubt and don’t think so..

The one who knew about
All my dark secrets n secret joys..

The one who never ever judged me
For my looks, likes or dislikes..

The one who is never beyond reach..

The reason of my existence..

The one I would die for..

The one called by many names..

Called as BREEZE by me
Is the reason I breathe..

Are my one and only
❤ True Forever love ❤

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37 thoughts on “My One True love

    1. Of course, there is no return of love from them rather expectations of your belongings 😛 so nature does expect nothing but your love back isn’t? 🙂

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  1. I do not really know how to enjoy poetry. So all I do is just read it and try to decipher my own meanings. I’m POETICALLY HANDICAPPED you see. And im jealous of you guys coz u ppl write poems and I really cannot. All the best. Happy new year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

      Thank you so much for following, stopping by and reading this and for taking time to comment.. 🙂

      All you need to enjoy this particular poetry is just read the whole thing again, after realising who the lover is and spill that lingering smile.. 😉

      Keep writing and you would find yourself writing poetry someday.. That’s definitely worked for me.. 😉

      Happy Blogging!

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    1. Oh dear.. You really did go way back to check my blog.. 😀

      Thank you so much for liking all those posts and your time.. It really means a lot.. 🙂

      Thanks once again for this comment.. 🙂

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  2. Poor You..for you the Breeze is the one and only ❤ True Forever love ❤…but him?
    Oh my! he has a world full of lovers, all his ‘true’ lovers! the gentle flirt, he loves all of them (or so they think), teases them and goes from one another in his own, unique philandering way!

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    1. Hahaha.. I knew that fact already.. 😉

      The Wind never keeps it a secret and heartedly flirts with others right in front of me and guess what, it’s a pleasure to see him tease, play and flirt.. 😉 The reason why I (and anyone else in love with wind) put up with him is that despite of many lovers, wind makes sure to be with each and everyone of them with love and without fail.. 😉 So it’s fine with me.. 😉

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