Wondering what next!

I am not a person with strict timetable to lead or follow..  Yet, I always had at least the rough road map and the general idea on where I am going.. But now I feel lost in the woods without a map to follow!

I committed to write a post every single day!!

What a stupid commitment.. That is what my mind is repeating since I thought of writing the post for today. Because, I am already getting lost on what to write..

It is then I remembered a quote from somewhere.. If you don’t know what to say, when you are before an audience, go with what is troubling your mind first..

See, that really works! Now it feels like I could enjoy the adventure of discovering the forest, even if I am lost, as long as I don’t lose my spirit of adventure!

That’s it for today folks.. Let’s meet on the next leg of adventure tomorrow!


20 thoughts on “Wondering what next!

  1. Fulfilling such commitments can be difficult at times. Doing morning pages or scribbling freely in your notepad might help you get flow of ideas but that also needs time.

    I wish you more clarity and fluidity.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. As you know, its from a famous poem by Robert Frost!
    Assume that you are the poet:
    Woods are lovely dark and deep (the getting lost part)
    But I have got promises to keep (a post a day part)
    And Miles to go before I sleep (the larger picture)

    Eventhough it my look trivial I just tried to put you in the poets shoes!
    And I think its apt!!

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    1. While I wrote this post, the line ‘Miles to go before I sleep’ was in my mind.. But I dint recognise that phrase in your comment immediately.. -_-

      That is indeed apt! Thanks for this comment!! 🙂

      I knew I end up rewriting the wonderful concepts I read in my own words.. But I never realised that this time it suits this one so aptly.. Seems I am really lost.. 😉 Thanks for the pointer.. 🙂

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    1. This is what happens if you miss the previous posts and read in this order.. 😉 😛

      Excited.. Happy to hear..Actually I was waiting for you to drop by.. 😉 To hear this excitement.. 😀

      But why are you surprised??

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    2. You keep commenting this way.. And I will surely get my prompts for my next post from you and will make even 1600.. Now happy?! 😛
      You and your expectations!! Phew.. 😛 😉

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    3. Yes, 1600 makes everybody happy 😀 I don’t expect 😛 I am happy with your 1 post too 😉 Just be comfortable and write. No need to write in pressure. Don’t justify others. Justify yourself 😀

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  3. I appreciate your efforts. Writing every day once used to be an adventure for me but due to work and fewer bandwidth, weekends are the only days when I get to touch my blog.

    The world inspires you in many ways. Why not write about things that have inspired you? For a blogger, there is nothing called as what next? There is no dearth of ideas.



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