What makes friends closer?

We meet people either physically or virtually.
Few are strangers even after we have been seeing them for the past decade.
But there are strangers, who become our friends, just within hours or just a few posts..
Here are few awesome people I could proudly call as friends though I have not meet them in person or even know how they look.
For friendship is not in the number of meets and chats we have with the person.
It is a mutual feeling, like-mindedness and the respect for the other person.
The time, distance, gender, age, generation, country, religion or whatever becomes just a background noise for the friendship is between the minds and hearts and nothing else matters.
Also, the closeness we feel with the friend is not tainted by these background noise.

There are 134 words explaining that closeness is related only with feeling, and no other factor plays any role. The same is explained in seven words as

புணர்ச்சி பழகுதல் வேண்டா உணர்ச்சிதான்
நட்பாங் கிழமை தரும். (785)

Translation (Source):

Not association constant, not affection’s token bind;
‘Tis the unison of feeling friends unites of kindred mind.

This is the one couplet that flashes my mind every time I think of my friends from blogosphere. Hence, this one is dedicated to my dear friends I came across through blogging.. 🙂

33 thoughts on “What makes friends closer?

    1. Not really Aadhira … there are so many really good “A friend is …. ” quotes. Duplication on my part is probably more short term memory issues, but that is a wonderfully perceptive quote!!!

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    1. With pleasure dear..

      Here’s the transliteration:
      punaRchi pazhaguthal vendaa unarchithaan natpaam kiZhamai tharum

      I will add them in the post itself from next time.. 🙂
      Thanks for asking it.. 🙂

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  1. Where your sorrows are his, his joys are yours, your worries are his and vice versa.
    You are relieved from the too small an orbit of thoughts and worries of your life and expand into the life of another. Hence together becoming larger, cleverer, fair minded, cancelling out each other’s defects and sharing one another’s pains and burdens in life!
    Friendship : It teaches us what we ought to be. It quite literally the best part of life.!!

                                                  Great Post! To Our Friendship!!

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    1. That is very apt and profound!! Thanks for sharing this.. 🙂

      There are many lessons taught better by friends, than every other relationship teaches us!

      And yes.. To our friendship!!! 😀

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  2. Very well said. It’s the mutual understanding that makes the difference. It brings two individuals closer. And babble of noises in the form of other elements destroys the friendship. Very well written. In the virtual world, where you only know a person by an email id and their username, there are some friendships that bloomed out of social media and they stay strong. Well said!

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