Are you a fan?

The first vision that greets me in the morning;
The last vision that lulls me to sleep at night;
Sounds like a very near and dear one;
Of course, the fan is a dear one,
In spite, of it being mundane,
It has also become a part of necessity!

A Fan in Ceiling

The Fan

Did you find this nice?
Then you would love the brimming beauty from mundane things listed over here!

Do you have a mundane beauty in your Gallery?
Now go upload the click and pingback Trablogger!
And let us all relish beauty from simple things!!


18 thoughts on “Are you a fan?

    1. When we are ready to learn, every single thing teaches us a lesson, whereas, when we are closing in on ourselves, even the lessons screaming at our face, doesn’t enter our head.

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