He, She and their little heaven

The day started like every other day, with no indication that, it’s gonna be any different from every other day.

But it was not every other day.
For the day is trying in every way to top the worst fifty days in her memory with everything going wrong.

She was totally relieved to step back into the open from her office and went home, hoping things won’t get any worse, as she was expecting her sweetheart to be back home today after his week-long official trip.

That hope faded a little seeing the still closed door and the empty home filled just with chaos. She tangled herself to the work of untangling the chaos, for she couldn’t sit still and dwell on the misfortunes of the day.

Time ticked away. The mobile chimed to let her know of the message, that his flight was delayed by few hours. So he could come home only around dinner time.

She was done with the charade of setting right the chaos. She was thoroughly exhausted and drained of cheer and liveliness by the end of the day..

She was trying hard to stay awake to meet and greet her love.. Hence, she was cleaning up more and more.. She was done with almost everything and was, at last, cleaning the dishes..

The smell came first, of her favourite roses and lilacs and of him, his perfume and his sweat.. With that came two hands around her..

She was startled for a fraction of second at the contact, but immediately a warmth and the feel of home washed over her..

She just let herself slide on him and was gloriously basking in the comfort of his hug..

He gently lifted her and carried over to their bed and saw her face as if he is seeing her for the first time and totally mesmerised with it..

There was a very long conversation without words and without language.. He just stared into her eyes.. Her eyes were willing to pour out volumes and his eyes just drank every drop of those volumes and returned all the comfort she needed..

He just held her face in both his palms, while he gently caressed her forehead with his lips..

That’s all she needed to set her world right and let go of every negative thing that happened to her ever..

She was present in that moment in an entirely different universe.. Where there are just two people.. Him and her.. Not even Cupid.. The place was catering to all their whims and wishes..

In that universe, her everyday dinner table has transformed into one of the most romantic tables set for a perfect candlelit dinner..

Her normal menu of some common dish tasted better than the manna of heaven for two reasons..

It was prepared for him by her and it was fed to her by him..

They never knew who had what, but they do know they are satiated of hunger for food but nowhere near saturation of each other..

The silent words that spoke volumes were not enough to express few silly things.. So came the sweetest voice of him..

The happenings and mishaps of the week were exchanged.. But the words could never express fully how much each missed the other one..

They found themselves in their favourite sit-out at their favourite time of early night..

The naughty moon, which never gets tired of shamelessly sneaking into the most private moments of young lovers and becoming part of those moments, was once again sneaking into the beauty of this young couple..

He was relaxing on the chair and he grabbed her to sit on his lap.. She happily cuddled like a kid on his chest and was listening to his soothing voice..

The rhythmic heart beats added a nice background music to his voice and was lulling her to sleep..

She was half aware of the chilly air and his warm hug and half existing in a dream land where there are no commitments, no alarm clocks or even clocks..

The time had no meaning in that universe.. The only one that mattered in the universe was, he was next to her.. Within the reach of other, within the grasp of other, with intertwined fingers around the other..

She realised that she found her heaven.. It’s not with any of her materialistic successes.. It’s just the interlaced fingers of him..

She realised that she found her perfect song.. It’s not by any musician performing on any stage.. It’s just the rhythmic heart beats sprinkled with his words in his velvet voice..

She realised that she found her drug.. It’s not that incapacitating her senses.. It’s just his embrace that fills in every sense of her and not incapacitate but enrich them with pleasure unknown hitherto.

She realised that she had the best gift.. It’s not that she never before appreciated the presence of him.. It’s just that a small separation, even though for unavoidable reasons, makes you realise the treasure you behold..

With that realisation, she drifted off along with him.. To the dream land or oblivion is known only to them..

The naughty moon went silent and shy, for it knew that, here is one of the very few couples, who find their salvation only in each other and the time would prove that, they are beyond the tests and trials of life..

The moon knew, it could come after few decades and still see that both are being satiated with each other..

And with that knowledge, the moon went to sleep in its star-studded bed and grabbed few clouds to cuddle for the night.

12 thoughts on “He, She and their little heaven

  1. Do guys are also swept off of the floor? If yes, I am one of those 😀 I am glad that I finally read this and this is so ROMANTIC 🙂 I will be full of love during the weekend for sure ❤ Thank you, Aadhirai and you are a true artist with words 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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