What would you do?

An empty mind is Devil’s workshop!

Hence, the popular solution is to keep your mind busy. There is a rule to every rule saying that every rule has an exception. Going by that, what if the devil is a masked angel and trying to use the workshop to build something worthy out of this workshop?

What if the devil is Lucifer? (Note: Lucifer is referred to only in the context of the angel who rebelled the Gods and became the devil) And what if fortunately or unfortunately, while working at your mind’s workshop Lucifer exhibits only his angelic powers and not the devilish ones?

So would you give a chance for Lucifer? Will you let the work be continued in your workshop? Do you have the courage to see what happens from it? Or just the recklessness to find out what the devil is up to?

19 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. If I were a little musically inclined I would probably take Lucifer up 🙂
    (He was, apocryphally and entirely without any direct evidence, known as the Angel of Music before his fall. One of the reasons why idiot believers happen to think that Music is evil or the devil’s influence etc. But if that was his quality, then why not follow him as well hehe).

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