The Observer!

The Observer

And here I am,
Looking around and knowing;

Who loves their coffee,
Who drinks for thirst of it,
Who gulps it without tasting,
Who enjoys the company better
than their coffee,
Who ignores the coffee,
Coz they were lost
In the eyes of the company..


I enjoy my coffee
In every sip,

Inhaling the aroma
deep enough
To fill every pore of my lungs,

Tasting the flavor
long enough
To indulge every taste bud,

Relishing the twirls
not so long enough
But just enough
To know every direction
The liquid flows
With every little stir,

Holding the cup
just in the way
To let the warmth
spread through the palm
And add warmth
To the heart,

Still the mind,
Eludes and wonders
At some rare times,
Who observes
This observer?

12 thoughts on “The Observer!

    1. Okay bro, as your argument seems too valid, I’ll come up with a very special name for you after some serious thinking.. 😉 And I too can’t assure that you might like it.. 😉 😛 Have patience and you will have an awesome Nickname.. 😉

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  1. I have wondered this a million times. I find it almost easy to understand what is in people’s minds and often they look at me flabbergasted. At times I wonder. Who observes this observer. You have portrayed it well through a cup of coffee 🙂

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