What sweeps you off your feet?

I have intended to write a cool big story (That’s what I think about it) for today’s post. But I got way distracted from my routine for the past few hours..

I was swept off the floor / transported to an alter world / something otherworldly (Hope you get the drift now?!) by this certain something.. What I am telling is, I have forgotten to eat, sleep and even drink water.. I was deaf and dumb to the happenings around me..

Have you ever been mesmerised so completely with anything? If not, I could bore you with more adventurous words and exclamatory statements of my awe!!

But since this special thing has got me hooked way too much, I just dropped in to let y’all know, I am still sane and haven’t forgotten y’all totally.. 😉

They say that if you do something for a continuous 21 days it becomes a habit.. Guess, that’s true.. 😉 What else could have dragged me back to surface to key in few words to you!

And depending on your liking of my writing, you are saved for the day or just miss my not-so-funny-at-times-coz-it-is-ought-to-be-taken-seriously post or just be content with this ramble.. 😉

Now it is time for feedback.. Few of you have been dropping by every single day and hitting the like and few words to say what you think.. Thanks to you for really following my posts.. 😀 Now, be kind and tell me what I am good at and where I could improve.. I am awaiting to see your replies this time.. And please don’t feel shy at all to criticise away my narcissism or boost my ego by praising my awesomeness.. 😉

Fine, now my love is inviting me back and am going back to this new found bestie-love of “Windows 10” combined with “Office 365”.. It is just way too awesome..

And if you are not feeling like praising me (or criticising me) just drop in to say what is that mesmerises you and keeps you hooked up from your routine.. I love to know about (especially) the crazy ones too..

C’mon type away at least the grin or frown that crossed your face while you read through this ramble.. (Nah, I am not desperate for comments.. I just want to know your view! [Hope that’s a good excuse.. 😉 ] ) Please do type a smiley that reflects your current mood at least please.. 😉 [I repeat I am not desperate for your comments.. 😛 Thanks for not believing that.. 😉]

16 thoughts on “What sweeps you off your feet?

    1. Bro, you should talk English.. 😛
      I read it few times and couldn’t get the meaning of it.. The only part I got was, you are interested in whatever subject I chose to expound on.. I’m happy you are interested but will you please translate that?

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  1. This was the post I was supposed NOT to miss? 😉 I didn’t miss it 😀 I have written many posts when I want to write & post but don’t have any fresh ideas to pen down 😛 I like, no, I love your writing and the variation present here 😉 there’s poetry(in several languages), posts on inspiration, love(He, she & their heaven), which I haven’t read yet 😦 I am trying to not miss any of your posts but I have missed some already 🙂 Have a great day & keep writing daily ❤

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    1. I was expecting few criticisms too and points for improving.. And that’s the reason you are not to miss this post.. 😉

      Anyway you are sweet to boost my ego with that awesome comment.. 😀

      And don’t you worry about missing.. It is going to be there for a very very long time.. 😉

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    2. No criticisms whatsoever. And till I believe, criticisms are to be done in private and appreciation to be done publicly & universally 😀 and I ain’t going to disturb you privately 😛 Yeah, I will try to read all your posts 😉

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  2. This is a sort of double negative with the “lack” of “lackadaisical” canceling each other out. Double negatives become a positive. Incumbent is yours and refrain is what you pull back from. Since you do not pull back from anything , it becomes obvious that I meant this statement to be antistrophetic in nature ! Therefore your deducement is correct and you should simply continue doing what you are doing, Now isn’t that better ? ; )

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    1. Of course this is better and thanks for introducing some new words to my vocabulary!! And a huge thanks for so simply stating that I should keep doing what I am doing.. 😉 This really matters a lot.. 🙂

      And you keep talking this way and my web searches are going to be filled with more synonym searches.. 😉 (I am not complaining though.. 😉 )

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  3. I like your Vibe Adhirai and all the things that you like that I like that you like 😛 And those rare pieces of writings or songs you unearth and your presence in my blog. Also, some of your food for thought posts like the coffee poem. Need I say more? 🙂

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    1. When it’s appreciation and when it is well deserved, is that wrong to ask for more? 😉 😛

      Still I’ve got a little fake modesty to keep up, so I won’t ask for more.. At least for now.. 😛

      You are one of my quick friends here in blog and I really do appreciate your words.. So a big hearty thanks without any hint of fake gratitude to you.. 😀
      And it’s my pleasure to have your views on my posts.. Thank you Ranjini.. 🙂


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