Patterns called Kolam!


This week Jithin had posted a pattern with colours behind the pattern and this made me pull out a snap of mine of the pattern with colours in it.

For those who are not aware of kolam / Rangoli. The Kolam is a very common sighting in the South Indian streets. Every house entrance is decorated with the kolam every morning and evening (in most places). The kolam is made using rice flour, hence considered to be offering food for ants and tiny insects, as well as good exercise for women in the morning. But with time, this tradition too underwent changes. The changes include interchanging the rice flour to chalk powder and preparing the kolam on the night before. Though this is creeping into many places, it is still practiced in the traditional way at many places. Kolam is always an important part of our celebrations and they are more specially made and decorated on festive time.

This picture is from my home during this season of Pongal. Pongal is our Thanksgiving day to the Sun, nature and living creatures (bullocks, cows..) involved in the process of agriculture. That is too big story to fill in a post, so I suggest that you ask up Google Lord to quench your further curiosity.. 😉


Colourful Pattern aka Rangoli aka Kolam

Did you find this nice?
Then you would love the brimming beauty from mundane things listed over here!

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And let us all relish beauty from simple things!!

Links to wiki for Kolam and Pongal

13 thoughts on “Patterns called Kolam!

  1. I’m Indian too, and definitely! I just LOVE your South Indian Rangolis and those shapes and colors. I come from J&K though, but I’ve been fortunate to experience a lot of your culture.
    I truly love it. Genuine hospitality:)

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  2. That was lovely! I didn’t know rangoli or kolam as you call it, is drawn each day. You guys must have become experts drawing one each day 🙂
    I love the idea to feed ants and other tiny creatures through it. I hope the rice power continues. I once used wheat floor in its place though.
    And we draw it mostly at Diwali or Rangoli making competitions at school 🙂
    And before I forget, that was a nice rangoli. You made it?

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    1. Wheat flour? Interesting.. But the rice flour doesn’t give a good look with colors.. It was traditionally made on mud floor, spilled with water mixed with cow dung, so it’s not infected with bad insects.. That adds color and rice flour looks best on it.. 🙂

      Expert.. That’s too big a word, but yup, most people do know many complicate designs.. 🙂

      Thanks and yes I did.. 😉

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  3. I never knew the name for those patterns. They are so beautiful…. and so intricate. I have been seeing the word Pongal lately. I don’t remember ever seeing it before. Thanks for telling us what it is!

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