The pioneer

If you don’t find what you are looking for, start giving them out. Because someone somewhere is just searching like you.

You would very rarely be guided or be given what you are looking for. But you are not the only one looking for that particular thing. You do know the joy of receiving exactly what you need and when you need. Be that help to someone else.

Never ever second guess whether you are capable of it. You are giving out something which is non existent. So you are the best. But will it be the best forever?
Only if you keep updating yourself and keep running that race.

Do you wanna be the winner or pioneer? Start as pioneer and end as winner!!

10 thoughts on “The pioneer

  1. Wow aadhi…. Very beautiful thoughts… Everyone is in search of one thing or the other at any given time.. So we give them out, someone will receive thdm and they will be useful to them.. Have s great time… 🙂

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