I’ve been fretting in my mind for the past few days and for hours with a draft for this post!
I just scraped my incomplete draft of 1000+ words. I was trying to say that I’m losing the prominence of I, with so many ‘I’s.. It was such a paradox and hence the scrap.

But can’t resist spilling the cause of such a big post..

This is my 100th post!

Now, I’ll wrap this up real quick with a big heart full of thanks to everyone who visited me here. Your contribution has made me better myself in ways more than I could express.


PS. ‘Nandri’ means thank you in Tamil..

19 thoughts on “Nandri!

  1. 100 amazing posts 😀
    Even I have this problem of using a hell lot of I’s in my writings. It’s literally a paradox 😛
    Anyways, congrats Aadhi 🙂

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  2. Congratulations! Writing about yourself; writing fiction; experimenting with poetry; engaging in world-wide dialogues etc. etc…… and having done 100 Posts, is well worth celebrating. You could not do that without learning so much about yourself on “the journey”. Looking forward to celebrating your Post #200 with you! 🙂

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    1. I am writing this with a big Cheshire cat grin or like that sweet grin of Ray! 😀

      That was a perfect summary of my blog content.. I am really so happy to have been observed so well.. Thank you so much!!

      It has indeed been such a wonderful journey so far and had learnt a lot, which I had previously decided I could never fathom.. 🙂

      You have been such a wonderful and remarkable companion in this beautiful journey! Thanks for the company.. 🙂

      And the 200th post is not so far away from here.. 😉 If I keep up with my post-a-day, it will be on May 12th.. Hope it happens on that day! 🙂

      I am looking forward even beyond that.. 😀


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