What sails my boat!

I was fiddling with this post, when I realized I was just babbling and scribbling. So went over to reader and was picking posts for reading randomly.. And that’s when I landed up on the so logical justification for following pessimism as one’s way of defense by a little doll with glasses.

The example stated for explaining made me nostalgic and reminded me of my way of thinking in the past and now.

Once, not too long ago, I too was so certain of failing in my head, even when I’ve been putting up some top class efforts, with pretty decent and at times good results. This has helped me from any possible heart breaks. But now I’ve crossed a bit from that place, and when I look back, the perspective differs widely.

I feel that I’ve been restricting my talents and my possibilities with all the what-if and what-would-be happening just in my mind. I’ve never stepped out of my comfort zone, for I was busy saving my ship from wrecking in the storm, by not sailing in the high seas at all.

Now, I wish to think, I’m wiser with the thought, it is better to sail and sink, rather than, stay and stink.

I was slowly getting used to this idea, and I read the book “Journey is my Path” during such transition. And there is a chapter around the end of the book, which just assured me, I’m traveling in the right path to overcome my fears. Fears- yes, not just pessimistic attitude, because that is just one of the many colourful names and excuses, I have been saying out. When you cut through all that crap, what lies in the core is just the fear, in its primal form. (So that’s one of the reason, that made me love this book so much 😉 And it’s a pity I could not choose just few lines to quote, as the whole chapter is very dear to me.. 😉 )

So where I stand, right now, could be summed up as, I still think of all the what-if and what-would-be only to make sure that, they aren’t surprise attacks and to get prepared for all those scenarios. And thus the life has become more cheerful and there’s a contentment at heart. Because, I know I’ve prepared for all possible outcomes and have done everything that is to be done by me.

And I have realised that, fretting over the outcome is just a rocking chair, which keeps me in motion without moving me forward. So I chose to just give out what I can in the present and neither get struck in the past or lose myself in silly imaginations. This seems to workout so well for me, as I have more smiles on my face and have a boost to my courage to face the consequences of my acts..

Choosing what suits is the best solution for smiling and spreading the smiles.. 🙂

25 thoughts on “What sails my boat!

  1. Sounds almost fatalistic or defeatist. NOT knowing your limitations is often a blessing too. In that way, you challenge yourself to do more. Even if you brazen it out and try to bite more than you can chew, you have at least had a bite at it. Unlike the others who did not even get a taste of things. To calm down, to settle down to reality, to be practical – is a veritable death. No. Dare to dream, that is what makes you special. If you intend to live a calm life and be practical and learn to adjust to your reality and know your own limitations, then be prepared to be very bored. Or, take the other extreme – do everything. What is stopping you? Have a scandalous romance, defy the world, live out a dreamy love-story and then paradoxically kick out the “and they lived happily ever after…”; move on to other things, learn a new trade, a new skill, do the things they said you could never do. Rage, rage against the dying of the light 😀

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    1. WOW!!!

      There is so much emotion and passion in those words, that I am just re-reading your comments again and again..

      I am still searching for the right words to reply, but why wait, and here it is.. Raw and glorious!

      When you don’t know what lies ahead and keep taking each step at a time, you might eventually have walked longer than you thought you could.. For taking just one more step is always possible rather than thinking in terms of this many hurdles or miles to cross..

      I thought I came a long way and reached my end point, when I stopped heeding to my fears. And here I am realising that the journey never ends and I am still restricting my dreams..

      “”Have a scandalous romance, defy the world, live out a dreamy love-story and then paradoxically kick out the “and they lived happily ever after…”; move on to other things, learn a new trade, a new skill, do the things they said you could never do.””

      I am going to take this up seriously and fall in love with my passions even if I am not going to live happily ever after!! But in the rarest case of that happening, what else could be more romantic!!!

      You have made my day! 😀 😀
      And I guess that a thanks is such a small word for that awe-inspiring thought!! 😀 😀
      Still a big THANK YOU!! 🙂

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  2. Wow.. Nice post Aadhi.. We always have a phase in which we perform well but still we doubt our abilities. We make our minds complex, in which our doubts of failure flows. But then, once we overcome that fear of failure, a new array of hope opens for us. We start feeling better and do feel pleasant with fresh mind set. Liked the term ‘Its better to sail and sink, rather than stay and stink’ .. Why to think of outcome which we don’t have in hand rather than thinking about the talent and hard work which we have in hand!! We have to wear the shoes in which our legs fit, journey will be better. Have a great day.. 🙂

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    1. THANKS!
      That is a good big comment and thanks for liking that term.. 🙂
      True, it is we who complicate simple things and create our own fears..
      Live in the present and the future will take care of itself!

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  3. Amazing post 😀 I loved it 🙂
    Maybe, like you, at some other phase of my life, even I will switch my outlook. More experiences makes a person more wiser over the years and that can make them form some quality decisions. So, that’s the trouble of age, I guess 😛
    BTW, thanks for making me a doll. 😀

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    1. Thanks doll.. 😉
      More than age, it is the experience that teaches us a lot.. True that!!
      Let the troubles of age doesn’t trouble you.. Be happy and enjoy life.. Because that is the only thing that matters.. 🙂
      Keep smiling.. 🙂

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    1. It is hard to remember that you authored that book, when you are co-authoring some fun commenstories.. 😉 Now please don’t cut down your commenstories short.. They are even more interesting than the book.. 🙂

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