Musical Monday #6

Oh dear one,
Forget the tunes of time,
When the hearts of love come together.
Oh dear one,
Forget the pains of scars,
When the breeze and moon comes in.

You bloom into a flower,
For just a look from me.
You would forget the scars,
For just a word from me.

Even when a mirror shatters,
The pieces still reflects, I see them.
Even after a storm passes,
The flowers will bloom again,
I will wait till the spring.

This is a world full of masks,
What is your face in this?
Though the moon reflects in a river,
The moon doesn’t get wet with it.

The time would flow and
This would be just a memory,
Yet, my tears would live on..

When you toss my hair as a mother,
I yearn for one more birth in your laps.

My life here is what you gave me
The days, I live upon, is yours.

This is not love.
This is not lust.
There’s no name in the world
For this relationship.

I bloom into a flower,
For just a look from you.
I would forget the scars,
For just a word from you.

There are few songs which evolve in the meaning over time, depending on what you feel rather than what is said in the song. Thus this song has got many versions for me. After some time, it might just become another song and be forgotten totally.. Like as it says,
“The time would flow and
This would be just a memory”

Till then let’s relish the beauty of what we see from this point..

Now, why don’t you caption the song?! Awaiting your views, while few of you might try guessing the song too..

Edit: The details of the song is available over here.

Here’s the song which was translated last week.. Check out the video for the fun they have on screen.. 🙂

Movie: Lesa Lesa
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Lyricist: Vaali
Singers: Harish Raghavendra, Srilekha Parthasarathy

Aetho Ondru Aetho Ondru Unnai Ketpaen
Illai Endraal Illai Endraal Uyir Thurapaen
Un Paatham Nadaka Naan Pookal Viripaen
Un Thegam Muzhuka Thangathaal Pathipaen
Ullagi Ullagi Laagi
Oru Aasai Manathukkul Pothum
Athai Mattum Nee Thanthaal Pothum

Nalla Manam Un Pol Kidaiyaathu
Nandri Solla Vaarthai Yenkaethu
Oru Thaai Nee Un Sei Naan
Intha Uravukku Pirivaethu
Thai Madiyil Sei Thaan Varalaama
Thalli Nindru Thunbam Tharalaama

Unnai Konja Manam Kenja Ennai Thaniyae Vidalaama
Kuzhanthayum Kumari Yendraayachae
Konjidum Paruvamum Poyaachae
Manam Polae Magal Vaazha Nee Vaazhthum Thaai Aachae

Vennilavai Pøøvaai Veipenae
Vaanavillai Udayaai Theipenae
Unakaaga Yethum Šeivaen Nee Yenkenna Šeivaaya

Intha Oru Jenmam Pøthaathu
Èzhu Jenmam Èduthum Theeraathu
Antha Theivam Unai Kaaka Thinam Thøzhuvaen Thavaraathu
Ènna Naan Ketpaen Theriyaatha
Innumum Èn Manam Puriyaatha
Ada Raama Ivan Paadu Intha Penmai Ariyaatha

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