Earning the Trust!

The crow here is indeed a normal one, except for one little thing.


The powerful crow.jpg

The Powerful Crow!


Yesterday, I was sleeping in the afternoon after a good meal and I was woken up by this crow. Yeah, you read that right. It was calling or actually screaming at the top of its voice, till I went to look what happened. As soon as I appeared before it, the tone of calls changed but still it was calling out. That’s when I realised that my mother has forgotten to keep food for it in the usual place today.


On the hunt.jpg

On the Hunt


So I went in and brought a little leftover food for it and was waiting for what it would do then. It went and tasted it. Then it came back near the house and started calling out again. Now I bought some freshly cooked food and kept in its place. The crow clearly did not trust me and we both had a staring competition for awhile. I felt sorry, more than bothering to win the staring match. So I placed a little food where it was sitting. It took a cautious bite of the food and only then it went back to have the food from the usual place.


The contemplating crow.jpg

The Contemplating Crow!


It had it’s tummy full of food (I assumed so) as it flew off silently even without a glance or thanks 😉  at me. Of course, ignore the fact that I never said thanks to it for posing to me or extend any courtesy for not yet suing me for stealthily capturing its private moments of contemplation. It would be back tomorrow and I hope it remembers me.. 😛


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16 thoughts on “Earning the Trust!

  1. श्वः काकः आगमिष्यति Tomorrow the crow will come.
    भवन् सः स्मरिष्यति You he will remember.
    पुनः सः खादिष्यति Again he will eat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! 😀 😀 😀
      Yes the crow is here eating its food now.. 🙂

      (I can’t read Hindi. But really appreciate your comment and the translation.. Special thanks for that.. 🙂 )

      Liked by 1 person

    2. No trouble at all.

      श्वः काकः आगमिष्यति
      shwaha kaakaha aagamishyati (The two sh’s have different sounds but I don’t know how to show that they are different. One probably should be capitalized.)

      भवन् सः स्मरिष्यति
      bhavan saha smarishyati

      पुनः सः खादिष्यति
      punaha saha kaadishyati

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      For writing in the first place and now for taking the time to translate.. 🙂

      It is very interesting to read.. Kaakaha is crow, shwaha is eating / consuming right?

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    4. kaakaha is crow, shwaha is tomorrow, khaadati is to eat, khaadishyati is will eat. I’m glad you asked because I see that I used k instead of kh in khaadishyati when I transliterated it for you.

      I love Sanskrit even though I will probably always be a beginner.

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  2. Wow.. Very well done.. I learned a fact here, Crows doesn’t trust again after once we deceive them unlike humans.. Haha.. And that’s staring competition line is awesome.. Great one Aadhi.. Have a happy Sunday evening.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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