My elixir for happiness!

There’s a beauty in the innocence. There’s a desire in most of us to go back to childhood days just to enjoy that freedom..

When we could get that happiness, just simply by being honest and living in the present, why are we not being child-like and enjoying our life?

Everyone wants to be happy, content or at the very least, not be sad and worried.. Yet it’s inevitable in the scheme of life to be happy all the time and the same goes for sadness..

There are few things which always drags us out of our sadness and set us back in to better time..

My best elixir is a good conversation with friends and some music..

What’s yours?

29 thoughts on “My elixir for happiness!

    1. In December?? I don’t make plans far beyond a month.. Life is full of surprises and ask me again in November and I might give you a totally different reply.. My justification for the volatility is I evolve with time, but please ignore that I am lazy on the whole and can’t think beyond a month.. 😉

      Did I hear Chocolate?! I am smelling.. wait.. eating it.. 😀 😀 Will share a bit with you too coz you are so sweet.. (Cheshire cat grin)

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    2. Hehehe.. Where’s my hospitality? You could rather pay the extra baggage on your return journey with the loads of chocolates I get you.. 😉

      Come with an empty but hungry stomach and I will treat you to a spicy food with a chocolate dessert!! 😀

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  1. The trouble with being adult is that we are expected to be mature which, by general definition, tends to exclude silliness! If we want to know how to play and be silly again, we only have to watch children. They are the experts! I think that dogs are often an excuse to be silly because it is generally accepted as understandable behavior. Elixir for happiness? Conversation with close friends; escaping into music; laying in the sun and listening to natures sounds; being silly and totally enjoying the experience. 🙂

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    1. A very apt explanation on the generally accepted excuses.. 🙂 Yup excuses.. 😉 Because, I stopped giving them, people started looking at me weird for awhile, now they have accepted that craziness and they play along.. 🙂

      And yup.. I agree with the point on dogs.. I often think that you are talking about a child when you talk about Ray.. For the way you care about Ray, as well as the way Ray is.. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your elixir.. Nice list.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Contemplation?! That steals away my happiness.. When I realise what one is capable of and see how under working they are, I always feel doubtful whether to keep my nose safe within my face or just ignore everything to go ahead and give them a nudge.. So when I want to be happy, I let my logical brain take a long break and enjoy myself in the spontaneity and silliness.. It is too much work to think at times.. 😉

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