The last leaf!

This is not about the short story of O.Henry, except that I stole his title for this picture!!

And I do love that story too much. But another post for that story at another time. Now get to enjoy this tiny lonely leaf.

What story it holds or what story it would unfold is not known to me and hence there are zillion possibilities!! Now tell me, what is the story this leaf reminded you of, or what would be the story you would spin over this..


33 thoughts on “The last leaf!

  1. 😀 Somewhere on my blog I have a story of that leaf haha.. a stupid, mindless music video.. can’t remember what the title was.. but it was a similar shot/image… The same sort of surface and one leaf just like that…

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    1. Nah, not important… just remembered it.. maybe I should just trot out my polemics on JNU and push you to that too 😀 Who knows, you might join in too.. I will write a separate article about it today or tomorrow and if it gets published, will post the link here… (Insidious brainwashing as we pseudo-intellectuals like to call “inspiring” hahaha)…
      But, speak up.. in every way possible.. is my plea.. speak up.. (if you get my intent and meaning)….


  2. I would like to call it ‘The Lost Leaf’ if I wanted to write about the virtues of dreaming and following your dreams, finding new paths and newer meanings.
    I might want to ruminate over the seasons of life and what every season means to me. Then, I would title it, ‘Seasons’ (a trifle clichéd, I know).
    I might want to write about the mysteries and boredom of living in the suburbs, seen from the eyes of a leaf. I would then call it, ‘I See it All’. No, don’t laugh 😀
    Incidentally, I love All of O.Henry! He manages to bring in a surprise in every story of his!

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    1. Wow.. That’s a story of stories you would write and why not give us the pleasure of reading those stories too.. 😉 And your comment is such a teaser, to wait for, what might come from you next.. 🙂

      By the way, I smiled at your reply rather than laughing.. It’s a very interesting take from a single leaf.. 🙂

      The twists of O.Henry is always amazing and I love the few titles I’ve read so far.. 🙂

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    2. It was on the banks of a falls. Lying lonely and unnoticed by any for everyone was busy in getting the best view of the tiny falls. I too noticed it first through my camera, while adjusting the settings. Only then got it framed and freezed forever in time with the camera and published for everyone to view and relish the beauty of the ripe old leaf.

      That’s the dramatic version of the story.

      Here’s the matter-of-fact version.

      In the midday sun, I couldn’t view what I clicked and was fumbling with my camera and I realised I have clicked this shot only after going through them days later.
      I was panicking for I couldn’t translate a whole song for the Musical Monday and this photo came to my rescue to change it to Mundane Monday Entry. Hence the title ‘The Last Leaf’ seemed the only choice for this picture.. 😉

      Thanks for making me write this out.. 🙂 Now tell me which is your favourite version..

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    3. I Love both stories! I love the fact that you came out with two versions! The first one is dreamy and the second one made me laugh. You are so talented!
      I am adding this two version take on a subject to Our List 😉

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    4. Not actually.. I would be silly, even when I am confident, that the person receiving the reply is not going to judge me by that particular reply.. 😉
      Now I think, I should be more careful so that people won’t judge me as more talented than what I am actually.. 😉 (Or just let them think so high and have a secret laugh.. 😉 )

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