A leaf from my diary!

A hobbit never returns the same after an adventure.
A human never returns the same after an exciting trip.

That’s what’s happening to me now..
The practice of writing everyday has changed..
Have loads of fun stories to share,
And have few wonderful clicks to flaunt,
Yet, now, doing none of it..

Because, I’m relishing the comfort of being back..
There is a joy in going away
And there’s another kind of joy in coming back..

For now, this seems to be heaven,
Lazing around,
Slowly catching up with the virtual world
Ticking off the pending lists..

And on top of the list is,
Another new post for tomorrow!
Yeah that’s my reaction when I started rambling
And once again a phew!!
For this ramble could fill in as a post for the day..

So just not to let you totally disappointed,
Here’s another click of a leaf..
Which will also suit as ‘the last leaf’


Almost the end of leaf at almost the end of the day!

As you get bored with my ramble
Or mesmerized by my leaf,
Lemme clear out the foggy laziness
Cluttering my hazy brain,
And come with a good post for tomorrow!!

Keep waiting
And don’t forget
To smile and gift a smile!!

8 thoughts on “A leaf from my diary!

    1. That’s okay..
      If you are interested in knowing the story, here it is..

      Three friends, who are artists stay together. One of them is an old man, who keeps saying I will create a marvellous masterpiece for very long but never touches the brush even to paint a stroke.

      One of them, a girl falls sick with Pneumonia and will be in her death bed. In the window next to her bed, a tree with falling leaves will be there and she would be counting on her life with the number of leaves left. When night falls, there are only few leaves left and she doesn’t expect to live long.

      On the next day morning, they find that the last leaf is still holding on to the tree and she starts reviving from her sickness. Meanwhile, they find the old man dead and there will be a palette with the colors of yellow and green next to him.

      That’s the very crude version of the story. Please read the whole to appreciate the beauty of ‘The last leaf’ better. Thanks for reading till this.. 😉

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