Her Dreams of Him!

She dint yearn for the stars.
She just waited for his stares.

She dint ask for the moon.
She just wanted a moan of her name in his lips.

She dint ask for the rainbow.
But she wanted to see all the shades of him.

She dint ask for the mighty mountains.
She just wanted him by her side, as her rock.

She dint ask for the flowing rivers.
She just wanted the conversation to flow seamlessly.

She dint ask for the thicket of forests.
She just wanted to be in the thick of his thoughts.

She dint ask for the burning flames.
She just wanted to be embraced by his warmth.

She dint ask for the artistic flakes.
She just wanted to be the reason for all her art forms.

She dint want to be the dreamer.
She just wanted to see him fulfil his dreams.

For, he is the personification of all her dreams.
And he would stay there forever, just in the dreams!

9 thoughts on “Her Dreams of Him!

  1. Hi Aadhira. I like the ideas that you have expressed here, but you have a major grammatical error. There is no such word as “dint”. It is not even a slang term. It would seem that you wanted a short form of “did not”, and to do that you remove the “o” and replace it with a ‘ which signifies an omission. What you end up with is “didn’t”. When you are clearly capable of good writings, it is a shame to spoil them with a error such as this. Please keep writing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I accept your views and appreciate your time for writing it down in the comment.

      I like the use of ‘dint’ just for the sound of it. As you have easily identified the word refers to the term, didn’t, I kindly ask excuse to use this for the way it rings.

      Though it is not a slang, it is the commonly used form of did not in social networks, where space is so limited. And that is the reason, the word was not explained and left to the reader’s understanding.

      I will take care to avoid such usages in the future. Thank you so much for your comment.. 🙂

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    2. Your position is certainly respected Aadhira as you are, after all, the author!
      My concern is that such terms will turn off many readers and it is my belief that we write in order to be read. As you clearly have a talent for writing, it would seem a shame to deter people due to poor use of the English Language.

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