March on!

March on! One step forward at a time!

Crossing across one feet is different
For an ant and For an elephant!

What seems to be a very easy task for you,
Might be a herculean task for me,
As well, the vice versa also applies.

Passing on an opinion
The easiest task in the world.
For not many think about it,
Before blurting it out.

So, As a listener beware,
And learn to distinguish
The criticisms meant to improvise
Against the silly talks said out loud
Just to demotivate or flatter.

And As a speaker think,
Whether the receiver is worthy of
The honest criticisms that you make
And whether it helps them grow.

Be dumb, for unnecessary talks,
Be deaf, for silly comments,
For life is in the deeds, than the talks.

Set your heart on your own goal
And let that be your only focus!

Till you succeed, with every step March on!

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