A Crazy Juicy Picture!

Here is a glimpse into what happens when a want-to-be-photo-enthusiast is entrusted with a mundane chore and a camera is handy as well. Got some good juice along with a juicy picture! Hope you liked it!!

The pattern that forms when a mixer mixes!

A juicy fan

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And let us all relish beauty from simple things!!


8 thoughts on “A Crazy Juicy Picture!

  1. My OCD kicks in…. there is a bubble in the middle… it is off-center. Could you please tilt the bubble to the exact center? It has to have some symmetry… please… 😀
    And just what in heavens is cooking? Fish?

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    • Thank heavens! I don’t have OCD.. 😉 Maybe I will tilt it, when I use the mixer next time and bore you with another picture of mixer, but with better positioning, framing and if possible, perfect symmetry too.. 😉

      There is indeed something fishy in the cooking of a fresh fruit juicer.. 😛 For why else could there be someone picturing it rather than just enjoying the juice.. 😛

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