Deeds and words

She wanted something
He got her before asking

He wanted something
She got him before asking

They never said ‘I Love you’
They never needed mere words!

44 thoughts on “Deeds and words

    1. Some wise man did say so! Thanks for reminding and glad this post got a comment from you.. 😉

      PS: I am sorry I couldn’t read your posts.. Hope everything is good with Ray and you..

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    1. You, as a female of the species, possess the right to protest anything you wish my dear ! The onus is only laid upon me, a male, to report it ! ; ) BTW are we playing pat-a-cake on the playground young lady !?

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    2. My google search revealed that to be a kids’ game, where people clap hands in tune to the rhyme.. 😉 😛

      So thanks for the clarification.. 😉 And maybe we are doing just that.. 😛

      Keep it coming and I will soon be using them to you.. 😉 (With proper meaning and of course after a long explanation from you explaining the meaning.. 😛 )


    3. How generous of you bro! Please do comment more often with more slangs then.. 😉

      (That’s the way to earn double treats.. 😉 A comment on my blog and a new word to me.. 😉 )

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    4. Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker’s man.
      Bake me a cake as fast as you can;
      Pat it and shape it and mark it with “B”,
      And bake it in the oven for baby and me

      We used to skip (with a rope) to it.

      I have never heard of it used in the slang context, but then English slang is often very locale based, or even “created” by Hollywood!


    5. Thanks for typing it out for me.. That is a catchy rhyme and skipping to it would surely be fun.. 😀

      And as for slangs, I totally agree.. If it’s not locale, will it be still a slang? 😉 “Created” by Hollywood?! Then I will have to be cautious using the ones, I learnt through it..

      But I always think, that the Hollywood movies too rarely depict reality, as much as, the movies from India depicting a very different or a very narrow view of the lives here. And it extends to the slangs too..

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