One step at a time!

There are millions of could-have-been
There are zillions of could-be
But things happened and will happen
In only one possibility.

There is not a single possibility
To change the past,
Unless I have a time turner,
Which I doubt I am not gifted with.

But there is a way to change the past
Not what has happened,
But how it is told and retold as.
For I could change that.

I could mourn and
Let the past and present be,
Just a failure and continue to be so,
For the eons to come and be forgotten

Or I could start shaping my future
Into dazzling successes and keep
Adding so many feathers to my cap
So the past becomes insignificant.

The smaller worries are forgotten,
When a bigger one enthrals.
The same theory fits to success,
For the life is always viewed backwards.

When I look back and have failures,
I feel disappointed and broken
But when I look forward and see the possibilities,
I feel encouraged to take just one more step..

One step at a time,
And consistent forward steps,
Even with all the detours,
I will hail my flag at my destination, for sure!

13 thoughts on “One step at a time!

    1. I have traveled the journey less often chosen, numerous times and I have found a way to travel back safe ! – This was in my quotes.

      Glad that u have discovered a way to rewrite your past and hence you can now be called a – Writer, not just a blogger 🙂

      You are Vyas today !

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    2. I need to tell the world about the journey and I need to risk my life to let the world know, that it is sometimes okay to take the paths untrodden. Those who have taken it earlier, didn’t return and the village thinks that people go that lane, get lost or are no more, hence I prefer to find a way back and share with them the experience and give a hope 🙂

      Does it make sense?

      Liked by 1 person

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