Am I excused?!

“I’m sorry, ” I said
To HB, for joining in so late!

But consoled myself,
Better late than never,
To join in his Two-phrase story challenge,
Which I have extended to two-verse.. 😛

I will be sticking to just another phrase, from next week.. 😉 (I hope I do follow that!)


8 thoughts on “Am I excused?!

    1. HB or H Bhatnagar, hosts a challenge named Two phrase story! He gives the first phrase, and we are to complete it with another phrase.

      Do join in by completing this with a phrase of your own!

        “I’m sorry,” I said

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    2. I am not a man of less words 😛

      I like to express in complete 😀

      I have a sorry post to know how sorry I feel.

      But even if then I have to do, I will be lame and say –

      “It’s okay my dear, hugs

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    3. I completely understand and I used to feel the same.. What better proof you need to know that than me converting a two phrase story into two verse poetry.. 😛

      But click on the link on that phrase and check out other comments.. You will surely be inspired to reply in short.. 😉

      Give a try next week and soon you would be participating with better phrases than mine.. 😉

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