Wind Part 7

Wind - Part 7
Look at the tiny ant.
How tiny it is!
Within it tiny form, the physical parts of
   hands, legs, mouth, stomach and
   all other parts are proportionately set.
Who set it so? The great Shakti.
All those parts are doing there work properly.
The ant eats, sleeps, gets married,
   give birth to off springs, runs,
   searches, wages wars, saves/rules their nation.
The wind is the base for all these happenings.
The great Shakti plays the game of life using wind.
We sing about the Wind.
It stands as strength to the knowledge;
As likes and dislikes of the heart;
In the lives (of living things), life exists by itself.
In the (exterior) world (visible to the eyes),
   we know of its actions;
   (yet) we don't know (of all its actions).
We praise the Wind!

Note: This is the Part 7 of Bharathi’s Prose-Poetry titled “Kaatru”. Interested in the Series? Check here to read the previous parts! To read the original version in தமிழ் or in Transliterated version? Click here! And here’s a feast to the fans of Bharathi (with translation)

5 thoughts on “Wind Part 7

  1. Whereas there is absolutely nothing wrong in referencing the “great Shakti”, it is difficult for those of us who do not know of Shakti, or have a different core belief, from commenting on writings like this. I do not see the wind as an independant life builder but more part of a team which includes air, land and water!

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    1. The Shakti was explained as energy (though it might also refer to the Goddess), in an earlier part. From now on, I’ll include that note in consecutive parts too.. Thanks for mentioning it!

      This is part of a much bigger content. Hope it would make sense when all the parts are translated and compiled together.

      I personally accept the view that wind is not an independent life builder.. Everything is made up of the basic five elements (Land, water, air, fire and space), is what I believe..

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    1. To be honest, I was surprised to see your comment on this post, as I do know…

      Please don’t feel compelled to comment..

      I appreciate your comments as they help me better my words and thoughts.. And I also understand not every post requires / calls for a comment.. So no worries.. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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