Exquisite Silhouette!

When was the last time you stopped to notice the simple mundane things with attention to detail?

If you are wondering so long, to remember that, now is the time to look around.. But with a little more attention to those everyday things and scenery, we take-for-granted.

Isn’t there something beautiful that grabbed your attention, more than others. Now, frame-it and hang-it out, not in the legal sense, but with a camera and a blog post.

Don’t you want it to be enjoyed and appreciated by many? Here’s a simple way! Give a pingback in your post to TraBlogger’s Mundane Monday Challenge!

He is hosting this challenge for over a year now and he is always kind to share his views / appreciation on the submissions, as well as, to compile them in his next week’s post. Do enjoy his clicks and other submissions for the challenge over here!




11 thoughts on “Exquisite Silhouette!

  1. I walk past a flower market when I go to classes. I always spare a minute to watch the lovely flowers in there. I like a particular shade of roses, and whenever I see those roses, my heart just starts dancing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment and bringing a heart warning smile along.. 🙂

      Do I get the pleasure of seeing that particular shade of rose?


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