Failure isn’t always a failure!

The joy of ticking off a to-do list,
The joy of scoring out a pending task,
The happiness of achieving some target,
The happiness of getting appreciated for timely completion,
The happiness of shelving a project after completion,
And every other joy of accomplishment,
Takes up the level of self-confidence a bit ahead!

And that little more confidence helps you to achieve even more..
And there is another kind of confidence that helps us to accomplish things, which we might otherwise find beyond our capability..

The confidence that you have nothing to lose, but could gain anything to everything..
Also, there is the confidence that comes with the knowledge of having every possibility a success!

Is there ever a possibility of having every try a success??

Though the success from each chance is not the same, some failures are worth more than the success and hence, the failure can’t be classified as failure!

Wondering how failure is better than success?
Here’s the formula as told in Thirukkural by Thiruvalluvar..

கான முயலெய்த அம்பினில் யானை
பிழைத்தவேல் ஏந்தல் இனிது. 772

kaana muyal_eydha ampinil yaanai
pizhaitha_vael aendhdhal inidhu

Better to bear the spear that missed the tusker
than the arrow that got the rabbit. [Couplet 772]

This couplet says that it is better to hold the spear that missed the target of a massive elephant, which symbolises a not easy target, than to hold the victorious arrow, which pierced the aimed, easier target of, rabbit!

So is that really a failure, when you have a not-so-easy target, give your best efforts and yet not achieve the target?

And when you are sure that there is no way to fail, won’t you be tapping more and more success?

Be carefree for there is no failure and win more laurels as you are carefree and content with what you do!!

8 thoughts on “Failure isn’t always a failure!

  1. Failure is a very subjective term. If I fail to invest badly, have I failed? If I fail, but learn from it, have I failed? Even if I fail to try something new, have I failed or have I simply succeeded in maintaining the status quo.
    In the Olympic Games, many people think of Gold as the ultimate goal, and anything less is a failure but yet… what is wrong with being the 2nd or 3rd best athlete in the world. Any athlete who even qualifies to go to the Olympic Games should be considered a success because clearly they one of the elite in their country.
    Our various cultures put far to much emphasis on eliteism, and have succeeded in creating an epidemic of self-esteem problems.
    On a lighter side, somebody once said “If my goal is to fail, and I succeed, did I fail or did I succeed.” It really makes a mockery out of failure… which is probably how it should be. 🙂

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    1. A wonderful point, well made!

      Thank you for the reference to the Olympic games: I have heard the same reference and the same view few decades back and it feels really good to be reminded of that again.. Being qualified for the game means, (s)/he has already succeeded in getting through multiple levels ranging from locality to national level.. 🙂

      I totally agree on the emphasis on elitism.. Thanks to the hero-worships happening to few elite people and the reality shows to boost the self-esteem problems rather than talents..

      And yes, redefining what is success and being able to make mockery of failure, saves a whole lot of problems.. 🙂

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