Wind Part 8

Wind - Part 8
Rainy Season.
Evening time.
Cold breeze comes in.
The sick covers his body (from the cold).
To no avail.
With the fear of Wind, cannot live happily, in the Earth.
When the breath is Wind, how could one live in fear of it?
Let the Wind blow on us.
Let it protect from us from diseases.
The Air from the Mountain is good.
The Air from the Sea is medicine.
The Air from the Sky is fine.
The Air in the cities is made as enemy by humans.
They do not worship the Lord of Wind directly.
So the Lord of Wind becomes angry and destroys them.
Let us worship the Wind Lord.
In his path there should not be,
  stagnation of the muddled water;
  presence of odor; rotten food thrown away;
  layers of dust settled; or any kind of impurity.
He, The Wind, is coming.
In the path he comes by, let us keep it clean
  by wiping it and sprinkling good water.
In the path he flows by, let us create
  groves and floral gardens.
In the path he flows by, let us burn
  camphor and other fragrant incense sticks.
Let him come as medicine.
Let him come as our lives;
  As elixir.
We worship Wind.
He is the son of Shakti. Descendant of Queen.
We welcome him.
Let him live.


Note: This is the Part 8 of Bharathi’s Prose-Poetry titled “Kaatru”. Interested in the Series? Check here to read the previous parts! To read the original version in தமிழ் or in Transliterated version? Click here! And here’s a feast to the fans of Bharathi (with translation)

10 thoughts on “Wind Part 8

  1. Hi Aadhira – Did you realize that all the characters mentioned appear to be male? Perhaps you should be changing the translations to be a little more male/female balanced! Just a thought. 🙂

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    1. I’ve not noticed it till now.. Thanks for pointing it.. 🙂

      I’m trying to stick to the original as much as possible.. I’ll consider this point from next part and use accordingly..


    2. Given that you seem to be using (I assume) well known cultural writings, then you should perhaps consider explaining any changes you make rather than risk offending any purists. Whereas male domination was pretty much the norm in our history, it would seem reasonable to not wish to perpetuate those beliefs. 🙂

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    3. Spot on the norm!

      And yes, there was only once I specifically used an alternate form and gave a footnote to point the variation..

      And yes, on the well known cultural writing.. Bharathi, the author’s prose-poetry isn’t that famous, though he is a well known poet, revolutionary, freedom fighter and many more.

      Though Bharathi is a well known devotee of the female Goddess Shakthi, I assume, he specifically uses the male form for the Wind and make Shakthi, the energy as the underlying force, that gives life to the Wind..

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  2. Okay !
    I dont know how you would react to this but the moment I heard this song i felt like sharing this to you. The lyrics obviously is by the Mahakavi himself. You would like that part of the song…no doubt!! I doubt whether you would like the other things about it! The Band’s name is MASALA COFFE. They are amongst the few bands to watchout for from Kerala…. Lead singer’s name is sooraj….. So try to listen when you are free…..

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    1. Cant you write a post about how the legends (here bharathi) are getting re imagined or revived by society through symbolisms and pop culture by todays generation and the perils and pluses of the same? That was in my mind when i reffered this video to you!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That view is yet to take form in my mind.. Haven’t thought about it so far in that angle.. If it gets a good enough hold for a post, it will soon appear here.. 😉

      You would know if it does happen.. 😉


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