Someone asked her
Who is he?
He is……..friend?!

Long night chats
Chats on Anything
To everything
Shared without hesitation
And without waiting
Always there for each other
To pull pranks
As well as to lean on

Someone asked her
Who is he?
hmm.. my.. my.. friend?

Abundance of care
Genuineness in smiles
Respect for the other
And yet
He moved on
She stayed on

Someone asked her
Who is he?
My crush or bit more than that!

He came back
Now with a different mask
But the same face
She is still the same
Void of the masks

Someone asked her
Who is he?
My best friend!

65 thoughts on “He!

    1. Well said.. But am not sure about whether it is that easy to actually do..

      Coz Asking too early is as backfiring as asking too late..

      And we are talking about girls here and the affirmation is gonna take the longest round-about way.. 😉 [I am sorry guys, that’s the fact]

      Accepting and acknowledging are breeze compared to others.. 😉

      Anyway have fun and live life in every single second.. When there are no regrets, nothing is a waste!


    2. I never said it is easy.

      Well waiting for the right time ? No one knows when it is. But if you believe that he/she is the one and you have everything in your heart filled with him/her, then if you seek you will get it. It is as simple as that. I am talking about the ONE. sometimes you have bad experiences, sometimes things break you, but when it is the ONE then the universe will guide you and you will feel confident and clear. If you are not clear that means within the corner of your heart there is no clarity. You need to ask yourself first ? Then affirm n acknowledge to the self. Accept whatever your heart says, yes or no. ACCEPT IT no matter what, don’t try to be hopeful about thing you don’t believe inside of you.

      (my thoughts only)

      Then when you know it all inside of you whether it is a yes or no and when you seek it you will get it 🙂

      I say you will.

      What you are seeking is already seeking you.

      Girls or Boys – It doesn’t matter – We are humans.

      What you need to however look out for is the nature of the person, family background, the obligations, the implications, the limitations and what not. There is no one solution for it but I believe inside if you love someone truly it should all make sense !

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    3. I agree on the ‘What you seek is seeking you’ as well as ‘When you want something with all your heart, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.’

      But what if the other person doesn’t feel the same at the same time?

      Each and every one is being influenced by so many factors in life. As simple as getting the bus at right time to achieving the so-far-unachievable-targets in life. As well we all are societally bound and can’t break them as easily as every other person.

      So, at times, when you find ‘the one’ and both of them are mutually interested, yet can’t be happy as they are also bound by responsibility, duty, blah blah blah of the practicality!

      And when you are looking at all those background and stuff, the only thing that might be logical and making sense is moving away rather than getting together!

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    4. Well then I believe it is still not the one when the thought of walking away comes in because of something else. When both of them are truly and deeply in love with clarity n conscience, not because of the age n affection to be together but a greater feeling of being together forever, then I think everything will fall along. If someone feels they don’t have the guts to face the society people and everyone, I believe they don’t have the right to fall in love with a person, to eventually break his/her heart. Being truthful to self is the primary thing.

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    5. What if they are forced to do otherwise? Do you mean to say that love should be selfish?

      The love is between just the two persons.. But getting married is between two families and much more!

      And our society is just too kind to impose this and that and pressurise them to the core.. What to do then?

      Having guts to face the society and going against the family are too different things.. Even if they have guts, they love their family as well and they would rather be hurt than hurt everyone else..

      Compassion to the near and dear ones is as important as being true to oneself.. Life is about compromises! And choosing the pain of one against many in these cases..


    6. The notion of Love is totally is flawed (my thoughts only again)

      Love is Love. Family is Family.

      Being together or not is a decision that both of should make.

      Just because one of them feels that it is not going to work or can’t go against the family, they should walk away. I think that is a very big SIN that has been done by the person who fell in love with the other person, because for that person it meant everything and this is not the way it should be.

      If both were in love
      Then the decision should be mutual and not individual?

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    7. Let X be the guy and Y be the girl..
      X and Y are in love.. They mutually want to get married.. X’s family opposes.. Now Y knows that if X comes away from family, he would never be at peace with himself, though he would come for their love.. Possibility1 – If he steps out with Y, he will be happy for awhile but not forever.. Possibility 2 – If he doesn’t step out, they both would suffer but not their families..

      So what is the decision here? Mutual separation? Mutual agreement for the benefit of X’s family? Is this Individual or not?

      And I am just discussing the possibilities and I find your views interesting.. So Please don’t take it personal at any point and also note that I am just expressing my personal opinion and am not saying what is right or wrong..


    8. The thing is it has to be decided by X and Y combined. Not just by Y !
      So it is of very much importance to know that if the decision was made exclusively by X or Y, for the betterment of the other person n family.

      It has to be decided by both.

      So was it X or Y or Both ?


    9. (My thoughts again)
      It has nothing to with the pain.
      It was with the virtue – the power and truthness of love.

      If only one person decides on behalf of the other person, then he or she is accepting the fact that love is not strong or true. One must give the opportunity to X to listen to what he has to say, also to Y and then it must be decided whether or not they are capable of fighting against the odds and convince everyone in both family. If they think combined and come to an agreement that they cannot let go of the family, for whatever logic they have and hence the decide to go apart, in agreement again that both are OK with it and will be happy with the life there on with no confusion and regrets

      With giving importance to family, they (u see it’s they, not him or her) sacrifice their love to the love of family. That is what it is about when it is a mutual love the decision should be mutual.

      In a case when X or Y makes a decision. Y is a great person who thinks about everyone and about X and his family too, she makes a decision that in the betterment of everyone she should sacrifice her love. She does, she is content. She might miss him. But it was her choice. What about X, he is literally Effed. First he lost his love. Then he is confused if his love was strong. Third he doesn’t know why it happened so.

      Whatever happens then after 5 years, everything will settle up. If yes or no. If single decision or mutual.

      But there is a mannerism to do certain things, there is no right or wrong. Everyone does things according to the logic they believe is right and good. The thing is that logic is not validated.

      In the end I have to just say is –

      If Love was mutual the decision must be mutual. whether being together or being separated. Whether fighting for love or sacrificing the love. It should be a decision made by both.

      If both, is the pain any less ?

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    10. As for who decides, it only eases the process of accepting and moving on.. They both would suffer in their own way..

      And you could love someone without being loved back.. But you can’t go separate ways unless it’s mutual.. As long as only one clings to the relationship, the love fades, pain recedes and all hell breaks lose..

      But, as you said whether it’s true love or flimsy or whatever kind of love, in a span of five years it doesn’t matter..

      It again becomes a matter of discussion only when there is another life or death problem.. And by then they would have eased into the world of the other.. Whether love continues or not, they know how to handle it with the partner and that’s all that matters.. At least to practically move forward and live on..


    11. I didn’t understand what you said at all.

      You can’t go separate ways unless it’s mutual ? I thought the entire discussion was only one of them made the decision.

      There are times when only one person shuts the other person completely off and the other person does not have a clue as to what the hell went wrong.

      I don’t understand the course of discussion!


    12. The people who speak of being “Practical” must realize that they don’t have the right to break someone’s heart literally into pieces because for the other person, it might mean everything. As I said in my first comment.

      If both decide together true to their heart, then it is a different matter to move on, but if one person decides to move on based on the “being practical” thing, I think that is a worst thing someone can do to the person they are in love with.

      Some will survive
      Some will live
      Some will not survive
      Some will thrive

      But a very few rejoice in Love,
      Being together or not,
      Love should rejoice,
      Else it was a selfishly carried out timely attachment for which the purpose is out and so the attachment is not required hence the being Practical fits so move on ? That logic has a big FLAW!
      (in morality terms, not in any LAW terms)


    13. X – You never gave me a chance to fight. You already declared me a loser in the war and you never let me into the Battlefield, only if you had, you would have realized their was a gladiator in me !

      (A dialogue that Mr. X can say in certain situations in a more filmy way, just to ease out the air in discussion) 😉

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    1. I am just replying to the comments I receive and expressing my views.. 🙂

      In general, I abstain from giving advice unless asked for.. 😛 Bcoz people rarely take up advice even when asked.. 😉 So why bother with it.. 😉

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    2. I was not criticizing and meant no harm. I recognize the situation and know that people want your opinion and you are free to give them what they want. Please do not let my cajoling take away from what you do. Respectfully, Will. ; )

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    3. I get what you mean bro.. I never took it otherwise and when I set my mind on blabbering on anything, all the wild horses and elephants couldn’t stop me from doing so.. But I’m kind enough to let you skip that part.. 😉 So no worries.. 🙂 🙂 😀

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    1. Doesn’t matter.. 😉
      We’ll gobble up as much as we can and let’s be generous and leave a tiny bit for others to enjoy too.. 😉 (So later, we could be sure of receiving chocolate from them too.. 😛 am I still that generous? 😛 :P)

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