Tweaking the magnetism!

He wanted to be loved..
She wanted to love..

He knew her..
She knew him..

He liked her..
She liked him..

He is full of logic..
She is full of nonsense..

He saw that togetherness is impossible..
She saw that he deserved someone better than her..

He understood life as is..
She understood life as fate..

Yet they understood each other too well..
To the extreme extent that
They could never be
Opposite poles of
the same magnet..
But just be the Same poles
Of Different magnet!

10 thoughts on “Tweaking the magnetism!

  1. HI Aadhira – I really liked the ideas expressed, and particular the last verse. There is one line that (for me) spoils the message – “She saw that he deserved someone better than her”. The desire to be similar poles of different magnets need have nothing to do with being “better”. In fact she is putting herself down when it is entirely not necessary. Being “better” is a sad statement of our culture where we are measuring ourselves against others when, in fact, we just have different strengths and weaknesses. 🙂

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    1. A girl in love feels low about herself and highly critical of her faults.. Also the girl loves him so much that she wants him to have the best of the world, even if it means that she isn’t part of his world.. People in love are stupider than logical persons.. 😉

      And being the similar pole of different magnet isn’t a choice she makes..

      Totally agree on the concept of “better”.. Each and everyone of us are having our unique individuality.. There is no better version of me than being myself.. 🙂


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