One more beginning!

This is not about the natural occurrence of another day or the imposed beginning of another week, month or even a crazy challenge.

A real life challenge of living.

Living, after experiencing the parting of a life in my very hands.
Living, after living with her ever since I’m born.
Living, after losing the one who brought me up.
Living, a life without my grandmother, a part and parcel of my life so far.

The logical brain says, death is better than suffering the ailments of old age. And there’s no more that could have been done, for everything possible and capable of being done, was done.

Yet, the silly dumb heart pines, for it is the one which was shattered to pieces.

The brain would eventually patch it up and let life move on to living from the mere survival, when the brain regains it’s sanity and coherence.

In the mean while, the comments on this post are closed and any discussion on this topic is closed everywhere.

I know my fellow bloggers are just so kind hearted and I acknowledge your condolences and thanks for understanding and keeping up the no discussion on this topic.